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Seasonal spots in winter

Here we list all the destinations that offer camping during the winter season

It is high time to plan your winter camping season and adventure. Discover a new spot or an old favourite. Many of our destinations offer seasonal spots in the winter ☃️

Perhaps you’d like to winter camp close to typical winter activities, such as skiing and skating, or stay near the city, with museums and shopping. No matter what your interests, there is a destination suited for your winter season camping. You are very welcome to join us in the winter season!

North Sweden

Experience a genuine northern winter with snow, northern lights and amazing nature, or one of our other northern gems! Click on the destination you are interested in to read more about what is available at the campsite during the winter.

Holiday feeling all winter long

Why pack up when the summer is over? Camp all year round as winter season guests!

Central Sweden

The heart of Sweden is packed with lovely destinations. What is your winter dream? Click on the destination you want to know more about.

Southern Sweden

A winter in the south of Sweden is not so bad! Here we have collected a few gems, which are open in the winter. Click on your destination to read more.

Interested in the winter season?

We extend a warm welcome to enjoy the whole winter at any of our winter destinations


Why not spend the winter in beautiful Denmark? Click on the destination to read more.

Say yes to winter camping!

Welcome to a winter season that you will never forget.