First Camp Åhus Kristianstad strand
Skördefest på Öland

A journey through Scandinavia☀️

Struggling with the route for your motorhome holiday? Scandinavia is full of magical places, and choosing where to go can indeed be tough. Allow us to present a 600 km adventure, spanning from the Danish archipelago to the east coast of Sweden. We hope you’re inspired by our journey through some of Scandinavia’s best gems! This may well become your new favourite route.

Our journey begins in spectacular Funen, in the heart of the Danish archipelago. Funen is known for its endless beaches and flat terrain, which is perfect for swimming and cycling adventures. From Funen, we’ll take you across the border into southern Sweden. There, we’ll pause in lovely Sibbarp in the outskirts of Malmö, which is near the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen as well as quiet Österlen. From Sibbarp, we’ll cross the country to Sweden’s east coast and the port town of Åhus in Kristianstad. Here, we’ll recharge our batteries to the sound of the waves in Hanöbukten. After Åhus, we’ll carry on northwards to the picturesque holiday paradise of Sjöstugan, in IKEA’s hometown of Älmhult. Finally, we’ll carry on to our final stop – the idyllic archipelago town of Gunnarsö in Oskarshamn, where spectacular swimming and delightful experiences in nature await. If you can’t get enough of Scandinavia, Oskarshamn is the perfect jumping-off point for excursions to Öland, Gotland, Astrid Lindgren’s World, the Kingdom of Crystal and much, much more. 

Gem #1
Hasmark Strand - Fyn

The first stop on our Scandinavian adventure is Hasmark Beach on Funen. First Camp Hasmark Strand is close to everything – gorgeous nature, wonderful beaches and cosy towns. With its flat terrain, Funen is ideal for a cycling adventure and you’ll find tons to see and do on this gem in the Danish archipelago. Walk in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen, mingle at the Odense Street Food Market, or why not island hop through Funen’s archipelago?

Other sights in Fyn:


Enebærodde is a unique natural area on Funen. Stroll or cycle around the point and behold the majestic lighthouse. There are plenty of opportunities to pick up coffee or a picnic basket, then take a seat at one of many seating areas with spectacular views of the water. You also have the chance to see a variety of birds and loads of Galloway cattle in the area, which add a special touch to the whole experience.

Bridgewalking Lillebælt

Bridgewalking Lillebælt, the Old Little Belt Bridge, is a unique new attraction in Europe, located an hour’s drive from the Middlefart campgrounds. Walk together from the welcome centre to the Old Little Belt Bridge, where you are connected to a safety rail – and then up you go! At a height of 60 metres, you will cross the bridge. On the walk, a guide will tell you all about the architecture of the bridge, its history, construction, and the nature surrounding Lillebælt. A fun excursion for people who aren’t afraid of heights!

Time for a detour?



About 90 minutes by car from Hasmark Beach is the incredibly popular Legoland, in Billund. You’ll find all of your favourite Lego pieces in a format unlike what you are used to. In addition to spectacular Lego constructions, there are also exciting rides and loads of imaginative Lego games and fun shows. Legoland is Denmark’s best known and most popular theme park. It is full of action, energy and fun for kids of all ages.

Daytrip to Odense

Odense is a fantastic, modern town in a historic setting. Walk in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen on a city tour and visit his house; enjoy delicious food, shopping and lovely cafés; or stop by the Odense Zoo. It’s all just half an hour by car from Hasmark Strand. Are you keen on the idea of a charming cultural gem that is rich with history, yet urban – a town small enough to get around easily, but that still has loads to offer? Then a daytrip to Odense is perfect!

Gem #2
Sibbarp - Malmö

Next up is Sibbarp and the flats of Skåne. Spend your holiday at beautiful campgrounds in Malmö, with views of the Öresund Bridge and located within cycling distance of the city. At First Camp Sibbarp – Malmö, you can combine a city holiday with relaxation and lovely days by the seaside.

Other sights in Malmö:

Explore the city of Malmö

Malmö is probably Sweden’s most international city, with clear influences from all corners of the world. As far as city holidays go, Malmö offers tons of activities and you can choose to take it at your own pace. You’ll find everything from football, hockey and other elite-level sport to modern art, fine culture and shopping.

Torup recreation area

Torup is a unique recreation area near the city. You can experience culture and nature all at once here. Thousands of visitors come here every year. You’ll find exercise trails, walking paths and riding trails. For the youngsters, there is a popular forest playground, a fairy-tale trail and the “Hitta Vilse” (“Find Vilse”) loop. You can also enjoy a lovely stroll through Torup’s gorgeous castle garden!

Time for a detour?

Experience Copenhage

With a visit to Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, you will understand why the Danes are considered to be among the happiest people in the world. This bustling city combines royal history, modern architecture and an abundance of culture with an internationally renowned restaurant scene. Take a seat at Ströget, have an ice cream or a cold pilsner, and enjoy the moment in northern Europe’s cosiest capital.

Ribersborg open-air bath

If you’re looking to unwind even more, we recommend Ribergsborg open-air bath, located about 6 km from First Camp Sibbarp. Swim in the sea, get a massage, and enjoy the spa, a wood-fired sauna, restaurant and café. Treatments include zone therapy, ayurveda, classic massage and facials.

Gem #3
Åhus - Kristianstad

The third stop on our journey through Scandinavia’s gems is Åhus, Kristianstad. Our campground in Åhus on Skåne’s east coast is situated near expansive beaches, beautiful forests and peaceful lakes. Since the late 1800s, Åhus has been a popular town for swimming, attracting thousands of people each year to enjoy the long, white sandy beaches. It’s the perfect place to dip your toes in the sand and recharge your batteries.

First Camp Åhus Kristianstad strand

Other sights in Åhus:

Absolut Vodka in Åhus

In summer 2018, the doors opened to Absolut Home – the Åhus Villa. Absolut Home contains an exhibition that takes you on a journey through the history of Absolut Vodka. You can book a guided tour, the Absolut Experience and Distillery Tour, in both Swedish and English. Learn more about one of the world’s most popular spirits, or why not take a cocktail class while you’re there?

Tykarpsgrottan cave

Outside of Hässleholm, you will find Tykarpsgrottan, a 30-minute car ride from First Camp Åhus. Tykarpsgrottan is a defunct mine from the eighteenth century. The cave is 20,000 square metres and the famous Swedish children’s movie “Ronia: The Robber’s Daughter” was partly filmed here. Tykarpsgrottan has numerous maze-like paths about a dozen metres underground. You can take guided tours and hear exciting stories. This is a popular activity for all ages!

Time for a detour?

See the cranes at Pulken

Pulken is a nature reserve near the Helge River, just west of Yngsjö in eastern Skåne. After wintering in southern Europe, the cranes begin their journey north and arrive in Pulken. The cranes draw over 10,000 visitors in a season, like a celebration for the cranes and bird-lovers alike. In late March and early April, thousands of cranes pause to rest at Vattenriket on their way to breeding grounds further north. At Pulken, it is easy to watch them welcome spring as they rest after a long trip across the Baltic Sea.

The story of Ale’s Stones

Ale’s Stones, just east of Ystad, are among Sweden’s most legendary destinations. Some people believe it’s a burial monument, while others think it’s an ancient astronomical clock, as the stones are positioned so that the sun sets at the north-western corner in summer, and rises at the exact opposite corner in winter. The monument was likely erected over a thousand years ago, at some point during the Iron Age. Perhaps you will have your own theory about why the stones were placed here?

Gem #4
Sjöstugan - Älmhult

The fourth stop on our road trip is Sjöstugan in Älmhult. Älmhult is best known as the headquarters of IKEA, but the Riviera of Småland has so much more to offer! You can enjoy a wonderful camping holiday here that feels like you might be in one of Astrid Lindgren’s magical tales. Lush greenery, delightful swimming and beautiful sandy beaches await in this idyllic part of Småland. 

Other sights in Älmhult:

Linnés Råshult

Carl Linnaeus, later knighted Carl von Linné, was born in Råshult, a few dozen kilometres outside of Älmhult in 1707. He became Sweden’s greatest botanist and laid the foundation for modern binomial nomenclature. The estate where he was born is now a culture reserve at which you can travel back to an eighteenth-century setting. Once you’ve visited the meadows, gardens and old buildings, lunch in the organic KRAV-marked café might be just the ticket.

IKEA Museum

IKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad, who opened his first store in Älmhult in 1958. The IKEA Museum is located inside the very first IKEA store and is a popular destination in Älmhult. The new store has the world’s biggest IKEA selection and is also well worth a visit. IKEA Museum presents the story of IKEA, including its past, present and future. At the IKEA Museum, you can follow the journey from the beginnings in Älmhult and out into the world. Try a visit to the restaurant when it’s time to rest, and in the shop, you can buy unique souvenirs.

Time for a detour?

Spectacular Halmstad

Halmstad is situated an hour by car from Älmhult, on the sunny west coast. Spend the day exploring the 4-km-long sandy beach of Tylösand, which draws thousands of visitors each year. If the weather isn’t quite right for a day on the beach, visit one of Sweden’s biggest water parks, Halmstad Arena. The park has water slides, adventure pools and a splash pool for the little ones. If you enjoy art, we recommend a visit to the Halland Art Museum, which has several fascinating art exhibitions. Or why not explore the past at the Hallandsgården open-air museum?

Coastal Karlshamn

Karlshamn is a charming coastal town with cosy cobblestone streets in the centre, historic cultural neighbourhoods, world-renowned salmon fishing and a fantastic archipelago just a stone’s throw away. Bring your family to the exciting Kreativum Science Center to explore and discover; visit Eriksbergs Wildlife Park, the Nordic region’s biggest safari park where wild animals roam freely; stroll Karlshamn’s historic cultural neighbourhoods; or take a boat ride through Sweden’s southernmost archipelago. A lot of big adventures await in little Karlshamn!

Gem #5
Gunnarsö - Oskarshamn

The final destination of your journey is Gunnarsö, Oskarshamn. Enjoy a holiday here in the idyllic natural scenery of the archipelago with the Baltic Sea in the backdrop. The campgrounds offer beautiful hiking trails, sunny cliffs, and child-friendly beaches. Astrid Lindgren’s World and the Kingdom of Crystal are a car ride away and from the harbour, you can take a ferry to Öland, Gotland and Blå Jungfrun.

Other sights in Gunnarsö:

Astrid Lindgren’s World

In Astrid Lindgren’s World, you will become part of the story and the adventure. Here, you’ll find the settings Astrid Lindgren described in her stories about Pippi, Emil, Ronia and the other children. Discover Villekulla Cottage, Katthult farm, Matt’s Fort and lots of other well-known places from her books. A visit to Astrid Lindgren’s World is like travelling through her stories – all within an hour by car from First Camp Gunnarsö.

Try glassblowing in the Kingdom of Crystal

The Kingdom of Crystal is an hour from Gunnarsö. Mouth-blown glass has been produced here since the mid-1700s. Over a million visitors come here annually to experience the cultural history, and discover world-class utility and art glass. Take this chance to watch as red-hot glass is transformed into beautiful objects like bowls, crystal glassware and bottles. In the Kingdom of Crystal, a great deal revolves around glass – but this area is also popular for other exciting cultural and nature experiences.

Time for a detour?

cykla på öland

Experience the island of sun and wind

Expansive horizons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, chalk-white sand, an enchanting nature reserve, the shimmering turquoise sea – Öland truly has it all, and then some. On Öland, you can go hiking, running, bird-watching, bike-riding, or horseback riding in the spectacular surroundings, all while breathing in the unique air of this island. You’ll find everything from renowned restaurants to picturesque farm shops. Don’t miss the biggest and most popular events, Ironman and Öland’s harvest festival in late summer!

Take the Gotland ferry from Oskarshamn

It can be difficult to find accommodation on popular Gotland, so a day-trip from First Camp Gunnarsö is ideal. From Gunnarsö, you will be close to Oskarshamn, where the Gotland ferry has several daily departures in peak season. See the medieval ring wall of Visby and Lummelunda Cave; relax on Tofta, Gotland’s best-known beach; or take a lovely dip in the limestone quarry of the Blue Lagoon. Gotland offers a blend of saltwater swimming, historic destinations and an outstanding restaurant scene.

Maximize your camping experience!

At First Camp, you’ll find something for the whole family, with activities including a kids’ club, First Camp Club, and evening entertainment. The kids can enjoy fun activities while the parents relax or participate in other activities. Entertainment for the whole family is presented in the evening.