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Norsjø - Telemark

The Scandinavian adventure continues ☀️

Sometimes it’s wonderful when someone else does your thinking for you. So we’ve put together another spectacular route through Scandinavia, which runs along Sweden’s west coast (known colloquially as the ‘Best Coast’) past wild fjords and magical forests in Norway and on to the beautiful archipelago in Denmark. 6 Gems. 1,000 km. Join us on a Scandinavian adventure!

Our journey sets off from sunny Helsingborg, or more precisely Råå Vallar. We are met by a beautiful view across the island of Ven and neighbouring Denmark, which is also our ultimate destination. But first we head north to Sweden’s Playa del Sol: Tylösand in Halmstad. With thousands of visitors every year, Tylösand is Sweden’s most popular beach. Looking north from Halmstad, we see Strömstad, Bohuslän’s dream city. And next, we begin our approach to Norway and our fifth stop. Norsjø in Telemark, a place where marina and mountains meet breathtaking nature. From Telemark, we take the ferry over to Denmark and arrive at our last stop – spectacular Klim Strand on the Northwest Coast of northern Denmark. From here, there are endless possibilities and many more gems to discover on your journey home, should you have the time. So buckle up, and let’s go!

Gem # 1
Råå Vallar - Helsingborg

Our journey sets out for Skåne and Råå Vallar in Helsingborg. Its fine range of restaurants and fantastic swimming opportunities make it an excellent destination for couples and families with children. Enjoy Helsingborg or take the boat across Öresund and discover Helsingør.

Helsingborg attractions:

Tropical Beach

A tropical beach – right in the middle of Helsingborg? A mere stone’s throw from Helsingborg City is Tropical Beach, a holiday paradise where palm trees sway in the wind. It’s a popular place with Helsingborg locals, who come here after work to swim or watch the sunset over Öresund.

City walking

The best way to experience Helsingborg and its most famous landmarks is to take a walk through the city. Helsingborg City has an easy app, Guide Helsingborg, with a map showing a classic city walk of around one hour. The app helps you find your way around and guides you to all the attractions Helsingborg has to offer. The perfect day trip!

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Across the sound from Helsingborg we find the charming town of Helsingør. There are lots of activities for couples and families with children. In addition to cosy restaurants and cafés, there are also the Maritime Museum, Kronborg Castle and Louisiana, the leading international art museum. The ferry to Helsingør departs From Helsingborg C several times an hour, a crossing that takes just 20 minutes.


Ven is a little island between Sweden and Denmark known for its beautiful nature and its yellow rental bikes. With an area of just under 5 square km, Ven is perfect for a day trip. Its magnificent natural beauty is punctuated with wheat fields, fine little beaches and farm shops. If you’re interested in the universe, we warmly recommend a visit to Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe’s 16th-century observatory on Ven. You can reach Ven by boat from Råå or Landskrona, and during high season from Kungstorget at Helsingborg C.

Gem # 2
Tylösand - Halmstad

After our first stop in Skåne, we head north to Halland County and Tylösand, Sweden’s favourite beach. The seven-kilometre sandy beach is a popular destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year. After a dip in the sea, nearby Halmstad offers great shopping, entertainment and good food. Welcome to the West Coast’s summer paradise!

first camp tylösand - halmstad

Tylösand attractions:

Halmstad Adventure Land

Halmstad Adventure Land is only 10 minutes by car from the First Camp Tylösand-Halmstad campsite. There are a number of exciting, fun theme areas in Adventure Land: Dinosaur Land, Water Land, Carousel Park, Pirate Land, Saga Land & Mini Land. This is an adventure park to suit the whole family!

Golf, cycling and nature reserves

When you visit Tylösand, golf is practically a must. With a total of 11 courses, the area has become something of a golfing Mecca. You can also experience outdoor life and fishing in beautiful surroundings. With a total of 46 nature reserves in Halmstad, exploring nature is easy and convenient. If you have a passion for cycling, the Kattegatt trail is a must. The trail is 370 km long and offers beautiful views along the Halland coast.

Got time for a detour?

Ullared Shopping Centre

One hour’s drive from Halmstad is the inordinately popular Ullared shopping centre, these days known as Gekås. With annual sales of SEK 5.6 billion, Gekås is Sweden’s most popular destination. You can shop everything from clothes and make-up to outdoor furniture and furnishings, at insanely low prices. There are plenty of restaurants and also a campsite if you want to stay overnight.

Varberg kallbadhus


On the road between Halmstad and Kungshamn you will come across the picturesque coastal town of Varberg. Every year, Swedes flock to Varberg to enjoy its sandy beaches, salty, weather-beaten outcrops and a wide range of cultural and culinary experiences. Varberg is also renowned for its surfing, and surfers can be seen in Apelviken all year-round. Why not break your trip in sunny Varberg and take a surfing course?

Gem # 3
Solvik - Kungshamn

The next stop on our Scandinavian odyssey is in sunny Kungshamn, right in the middle of the magical Bohuslän archipelago. This is camping at its most regal. It’s close to the Smögen quayside with its bustling crowds and glorious party atmosphere. Relax with a briny dip from summer-warm rocky outcrops. There’s something for everyone!

Kungshamn attractions:


Lobster fishing on the West Coast

Lobster fishing, Bohuslän’s annual high water mark, falls on the first Monday after 20 September. The hunt for the black gold continues until 30 April, when lobsters are once again protected.<br>Smögen and Kungshamn are a veritable fish and shellfish Mecca. Take the opportunity to try life as a fisherman and go on a lobster safari!

Archipelago tours

People more interested in nature and bird life can venture out and experience the beautiful Bohuslän archipelago on one of Smögen’s fishing tours. There are opportunities to go ashore on one of the beautiful islands. On Hållö, for example, where there is a lighthouse and a little chapel. The perfect day trip!

Got time for a detour?

Experience Fjällbacka

Visiting the fishing village of Fjällbacka, just 20 minutes from Kungshamn, makes for a pleasant excursion. Stroll through the charming old town with traditional Swedish architecture, quaint shops and beautiful views of the sea. Hike the Kungsklyftan Trail, a scenic hiking trail that takes you past fantastic gorges and cliffs with beautiful views of the sea and the surrounding landscape. You can also visit the Ingrid Bergman museum where you will learn more about the legendary actress who spent many summers in Fjällbacka.

Discover Vänersborg

An hour’s drive east from Kungshamn is the charming town of Vänersborg, at the southerly tip of Sweden’s and Europe’s largest lake, Vanern. There are spectacular natural areas and cultural history museums to visit, or why not go on an alpaca safari? A truly glorious adventure to a friendly little town!

Gem # 4
City - Strömstad

Next, we head north along the Swedish west coast and stop in the port city of Strömstad. On the fourth stop you are surrounded by magnificent nature with front row seats overlooking the sea and the rocks. Strömstad is a small coastal town with a welcoming town centre, perfect for balmy summer evenings.

Strömstad attractions:

The Koster Islands and the Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavet, Sweden’s first marine national park, was inaugurated in September 2009. It is home to 12,000 species of animals, half below the surface and half on land. Experience both the unique and the rare, as well as more common species. The area is used cautiously with the best interests of man and nature in mind, all in the name of preserving the unique Kosterhavet environment and the Bohuslän archipelago.

Nordby Shopping Centre

Nordby Shopping Centre with more than 110 shops is about 10 minutes’ drive from Strömstad. It has a good variety of grocery stores, big sweet shops and everything else you can imagine in the way of clothes, electronics and gadgets. You can get here by bus from Strömstad station, and in July there are free buses several times a day.

Got time for a detour?

The Halden Canal

Right on the border between Sweden and Norway you will find the Haldenkanalen, which is a major tourist attraction with its beautiful, and partly untouched, nature. This exciting waterway, with Northern Europe's highest continuous lock staircase – the Brekke locks – stretches almost 8 kilometers. Paddle or go by boat through idyllic lakes and impressive lock systems, all in a beautiful landscape with many interesting cultural monuments.

Discover Oslo

Between Strömstad and the fifth gem on our Scandinavian journey is Oslo. A short drive north from the Swedish border is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world – and the perfect way to discover Norway’s capital is on foot. Enjoy its colourful neighbourhoods, innovational architecture, hip bars and exciting museums.

Gem # 5
Norsjø - Telemark

Now you’ve crossed the Norwegian border and arrived in the magnificent natural area of Telemark. You are greeted by a unique combination of mountains, marina and nature. There is a cable park nearby where you can enjoy water skiing and other water sports all day long!

Norsjø - Telemark

Norsjø attractions:

The Telemark Canal

Experience the Telemark Canal from First Camp’s jetty on Norsjø. We have our very own ‘cruise liner’ on Norsjø called Telemark. It’s easy to hop onboard from our dock and enjoy this impressive lock system known in Europe as ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.

Visit Gvarv fruit village

First Camp Norsjø – Telemark is located in the middle of the ‘fruit district’ in an area of Norway where fruit tastes best. A network of producers of food, drink and experiences have joined forces to create a unique, common identity, just a short bike ride from the campsite.

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Hardangervidda National Park

Discover the spectacular Hardangervidda National Park only one hour’s drive from Norsjø. At 3,422 km2, it’s the biggest national park on the Norwegian mainland. The park was established in 1981 and is home to the largest wild reindeer population in Europe. The park also boasts a rich plant and animal life here. Hardangervidda is also known for its many trout lakes and rivers with rich fishing grounds.

Bø Sommerland

Half an hour from Norsjø is the magnificent Bø Sommerland waterpark that attracts thousands of visitors every year. It not only has lots of attractions and water slides for children young and old, but also theatre entertainment, a climbing park, car rentals and great places to eat. A perfect day trip full of mischief and fun!

Gem # 6
Klim Strand - Nordvestkysten

We’re approaching the sixth and final stop on our journey along Sweden’s west coast, which has taken us up to Norway and across to Denmark. It’s time to take the ferry from Sandefjord and step ashore on Nordgylland and Klim Strand. Our final destination is located on the north-west coast with a fabulous location right by the sea. There is a water park here too, and a big indoor playground! We wish you a fantastic stay on the last stop on our Scandinavian odyssey!

Nordvestkysten attractions:

Jammerbugten Zoo

A great place to visit with family and friends. There’s a wide range of animals such as giraffes, lions and tigers to see and much more. Why not enjoy a picnic in the zoo grounds and games with your nearest and dearest?

Fårup Sommerland

This is an adventure park located close to Klim Strand. The park offers a range of fun activities for visitors of all ages. Enjoy exciting rides, water slides and roller coasters. You can also explore the beautiful park surroundings.

Got time for a detour?


Skagen is a picturesque town on the northern tip of Denmark, two hours' drive from Klim Strand. A great thing to do in Skagen is to visit the famous sand dunes, which are among the most extensive in Northern Europe. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding landscape. Skagen Art Museum is another must! Whether your interest is nature, art or food, this charming city is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you.

Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park is a fantastic natural area that offers a wide range of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. The park is home to more than 10 million migratory birds, so bring your binoculars and head to the park's wetlands to see some of the most beautiful species. The park offers many hiking trails and cycle paths for enthusiasts. Enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh air or explore the park's waterways via boat for the chance to spot a sunning seal!

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