Solvik - Kungshamn
Camping Fun with Yessi

Kid's Club Activities All Summer 🎉

During the summers, we offer hilariously fun activities for our little campers, and summer 2024 is no exception! At 36 destinations between weeks 27-32, children can have a blast, make new camping buddies, and of course, meet the world's best Yessi! It will be a summer vacation you won't forget. 😃

  • 25 activities every week
  • 5 days a week
  • Weeks 27-32
  • Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
  • The activities are included in the price

This Year's Kid's Club Schedule ☀️

The 2024 activity program runs from week 27-32 and offers 25 fun kid's club activities every week, with Yessi appearing at 11 of them!


  • 11:00 Yessi greets 🐿
  • 11:30 Building a hut
  • 13:30 Face painting
  • 15:00 Treasure hunt 🐿
  • 16:30 Disco


  • 14:00 The big camping adventure
  • 15:30 Buddy Club 🐿
  • 16:30 Zumzum's Best Obstacle Course
  • 17:45 Yessi greets 🐿
  • 18:00 Dance show with Yessi's Crew

Solvik - Kungshamn


  • 11:00 Yessi greets 🐿
  • 11:30 Craft time
  • 13:30 Face painting
  • 15:00 Treasure hunt 🐿
  • 16:30 Soccer



  • 14:00 The big camping adventure
  • 15:30 Yessi's Hat Parade 🐿
  • 16:30 Yessi's test-party
  • 17:45 Yessi greets 🐿
  • 18:00 Dance show with Yessi's Crew


  • 14:00 Yessi's Birthday 🐿
  • 15:30 Yessi's Choir
  • 16:30 First Camp Race 🐿
  • 17:45 Yessi greets 🐿
  • 18:00 Dance show with Yessi's Crew

🐿 Yessi is part of the activity

Summer activities are made possible in collaboration with Show Concept by Sarah Howard. We reserve the right to make any changes to the program.

More about the activities 🎈

Yessi has prepared a lot of fun for the summer. The activities also focus on nature, the environment, and physical activity. Learn more about this summer's exciting activities and secure your family adventure. Join us!

The Big Camping Adventure: Join Yessi's crew around the campsite for fun and quirky games based on a lovely day at First Camp!

Friendship Club: Everyone can join the Friendship Club! We talk about how to be a good friend and create a friend square where you can meet lots of new friends!

Treasure Hunt: Join Yessi's super fun treasure hunt! Solve the tasks and find the treasure!

Zumzum's Best Obstacle Course: We use our best ideas to build a super obstacle course that we'll race through as fast as bumblebee ZumZum!

Face Painting: Face painting with Yessi's Crew!

Disco: Come and groove with the tail and meet lots of fun friends!

Yessi's Visit: Come and hug the world's best happy animal!

Dance Show with Yessi's Crew: Yessi's Crew throws an awesome dance party - and you're invited!

Craft Time: We craft and create for a cozy time together!

Soccer: Woohoo! It's soccer time!

Yessi's Hat Parade: Everything is more fun with a hat! We'll then showcase the hats on Yessi's own hat-walk (get it!?) through the campsite!

Yessi's test-party: Yessi has left a list of the world's funniest tests for all kids and adults to try. Your time starts now!

Yessi's Birthday: We decorate, make beautiful birthday cards, and have cake! Of course, there will also be a fun party disco!

Yessi's Choir: Come sing and be happy! Our show artists rehearse a song with the kids and finish with a mini-concert for all adults!

First Camp Race: Come and participate in First Camp's very own race! All participants receive a nice medal!

Yessi's Tips for Fantastically Fun Campsites