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Discover Sweden and "Coolcation" with camping this summer ☀️

How about trying out "Coolcation" this summer? Sweden is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy lovely temperatures around 20-25 degrees and a variety of outdoor activities in beautiful surroundings. Thanks to the bright evenings, you can enjoy long summer days and plenty of adventures like chasing the midnight sun, hiking in the mountains, canoeing, snorkeling in the sea, hiking and experiencing miles of beaches.

Yes, in Sweden, you can expect a lot of holiday for your money - especially now when the Euro is strong! At First Camp, you can choose from camping and cabin accommodations at nearly 50 destinations across Sweden. Secure an affordable adventure today! 🌿

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🌄 Midnight sun & mountains in the North

With its fantastic mountains, lovely beaches, spectacular forests, and beautiful rivers, Norrland is a dream vacation for nature lovers. A perfect choice for those who want to discover a lot during their vacation and fill the days with adventure and unique experiences like hiking in the mountains and whitewater rafting.

  • Magical hiking in the mountains
  • Discover whitewater rafting, fishing & beautiful nature
  • Camping & cabins in various sizes
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🌿 Nature & culture in Dalarna

Dalarna is known for its beautiful nature and rich cultural life. Here you can discover everything from great hiking trails, unique mines, and magical waterfalls. Here you can even stay right in the Vasaloppet arena with the famous Vasaloppet track as your neighbor. Dalarna is a real outdoor paradise that suits all ages.

  • Hiking trails, mines, waterfalls & the Vasaloppet arena
  • Rich cultural life with several attractions
  • Camping, cabins, hotels & glamping

Camping på Västkusten

⛵️ Cliffs & snorkeling on the West Coast

The Swedish West Coast is something truly special for those who love the combination of nature, sea, and water activities. Here you can dive from smooth cliffs, snorkel in the sea, windsurf, go on seal safaris, and hike in beautiful environments next to both the sea and the forest. The food culture is also something special on the West Coast, where fresh seafood is an absolute must.

  • Snorkeling, cliff diving, windsurfing, seal safaris
  • Experience the food culture with local seafood
  • Camping & cabins in various sizes
First Camp Åhus Kristianstad strand

🏖 White beaches & experiences in the South

The Southern Sweden, also named as "Skåne" is a dream destination for those who love magical landscapes! Here you can find beautiful rapeseed fields, kilometer-long beaches, large apple orchards, fantastic nature reserves, and adventurous experiences like hiking, cycling, and climbing. Skåne is also known for its cozy excursions to places like Österlen, which is very popular.

  • Kilometer-long white beaches
  • Beautiful landscapes with rapeseed fields, hiking trails, and activities
  • Camping, cabins & glamping

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