Group Conference First Camp

Here, your meeting will turn into an experience!

We can welcome both large and small groups depending on where you would like to travel and what you personally would like to do during your stay. Together with you, we will tailor a package according to your requests and ideas for our beautifully situated destinations in both Sweden and Denmark.

We have experience of welcoming different types of groups, want to will strengthen their team spirit, do fun activities together or arrange exhibitions and other kinds of events. Our destinations are close to nature and we have large open spaces, which are perfect for pentathlons, football cups, agility contests and group activities. We would be happy to expand our experience with other group types and welcome everyone wanting to meet in a natural environment.

Training camps

Football, orientation, swimming, skiing and biathlon are but a few examples of the training camps we offer.

School groups

Team building at the beginning of a term to build relationships or as the perfect end before the start of the summer.

Dog play dates

Many of our destinations are ideal for exhibitions, agility, puppy play dates and training camps.

Weddings, celebrations and confirmations

We are an affordable option for celebrating anniversaries, weddings and confirmations close to nature.


We are used to arranging fishing festivals and many of our destinations offer fishing tours for big and small groups alike.

Clubs and associations

Turn your meeting into an experience and gather at one of our beautifully situated destinations. We will assist you!

Small or big group? Please contact us and we will help you!

Are you a small group of 12 people or a big group of 1,200 people? Please contact us and we will draw up an option tailored to your liking! Register your interest below and we will get back to you with more information. You can also send an email to or call us at: 010-2282101. We cannot wait to welcome you!

Booking and payment conditions for Group & Conference can be found here.

Some of our destinations for groups

Do you want to gather together in the fairy tale-like environment of Lycksele, enjoy activities close to nature in Hökensås or the beautiful landscape on the east coast of Skåne? Here, there is something for all group types, big and small! Learn more about our destinations here. For more destination options, please contact us!

Kärradal boule

Activities together

All our destinations offer different activities depending on what your company is looking for. Large areas for pentathlon, football fields for ball sports and other fun outdoor activities in lovely environments.

Training options

Time for training camp? Many of our destinations are located close to training facilities for various types of sports activities. Several destinations have their own football fields and other larger grass areas that you can use. With shared accommodation in cabins, we are an affordable option for clubs or associations.

hund agility läger

Agility and dog shows

Several of our destinations have prime locations for dog shows, agility competitions and puppy play dates. Large green areas with room for lots of running and jumping for our four-legged friends.

Mat konferens ånnaboda

Food options

Would you like to take team building one step further and cook meals together as a group activity, or do you want us to take care of it? Based on your wishes, we tailor an option that suits you. We can always offer catering and we have our own restaurants at some of the destinations.

Fishing, canoeing, and sea adventures

Spend a day on a quiet lake and try your fishing luck together. Several of the destinations are located right on the coast or by lovely lakes, and offer excellent fishing opportunities as well as stand-up paddle boards, canoeing and kayaking. A perfect group activity for all ages.

Team building

Nothing strengthens the group more than going away for a few days and spending quality time together. We have partners with long experience in team building and we will be happy to come up with ideas for drills to strengthen the spirit of community, as well as with fun things you can do.