Duse Udde – Säffle

Dusevägen 2, 66194 Säffle

Beautiful nature with a view over Vänern

Welcome to our campsite Duse Udde outside Säffle! Here, we offer everything from culture and history to activities and adventures of all kinds.


Duse Udde is a true gem in beautiful surroundings. The area has good natural trails and bicycle paths, as well as a wide variety of animal life. Child-friendly beaches and rock slopes offer excellent opportunities for swimming and bathing. This lighthouse, more than a hundred years old, is now a cosy restaurant with a superb view of Lake Vänern. The area also has playgrounds and spaces for ball sports, for a great stay.


There is so much to enjoy – the vast forests, open landscapes, and not least, the Vänern coastline with its expansive views and beautiful archipelago. Säffle awaits with its traditional Värmländ hospitality, where you can explore, taste and enjoy at your own pace.

We offer

Breakfast bag
Free surfing zone
Pets allow


Beach and swimming
Beach volleyball
Bicycle trails
Hiking trails
Mini golf
Pedal boats
Pedel car

Practical information

Opening hours
First Camp Duse Udde – Säffle is open all year round. Other facilities such as the restaurant and shop have different opening hours depending on the season.


This destination is staffed
Personnel are in the area during opening hours.


The store is gradually filled up during the spring to offer its full range during the summer season.


We are a completely cash-free destination. We of course accept all standard debit and credit cards.

Opening hours

20 June10 August

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