solvik sommarsäsong
Kärradal - Varberg

That holiday feeling for months!

Secure your spot for the season!

Become a seasonal guest and come and go as you please between April and September. Make sure to book your favourite spots for the holidays, including Ascension Day, Whitsuntide and Midsummer. You can enjoy every sunny day from early to late summer, and keep that holiday feeling the entire season.

And best of all, you can decide how long you want the season to last 😄

  • Summer season
  • Winter season

How do I become a seasonal guest?

Our destination pages have lists where you can register your interest. Sign up and we will contact you if there is anything available. You can find the list either on the destination page or under the tab “campsite”. If there is no interest list, you are welcome to contact our Contact Center on 0771-101 200 for more information.

The holiday is short, but the season is long. So enjoy all your free time in your own paradise. We offer summer season spots at 35 destinations from the north to the south of Sweden. We look forward to welcoming you as a seasonal guest! Several of our destinations offer seasonal spots from April to September, and a few also have winter spots, where you can easily and conveniently park your caravan for the entire year, and visit as often as you like.