SEK 500 discount when you book pre- and post-season

Making the most of camping life!

Do you find it difficult to decide where you want to spend this year’s camping season while at the same time getting the most out of your camping life? Stop thinking, we have the best solution! Why not book both pre- and post-season? Enjoy spring and autumn at one and the same destination, or discover two different ones. Either way, you get a SEK 500 discount when you book our season package. The offer is valid for those who book both pre- and post-season.

See how spring blooms and how the nature around changes colour as autumn is approaching – in the meantime, spend the summer where the wind and your camping expedition take you, of course, with plenty of time to discover new destinations.

Take the opportunity and register your interest today!

Find your dream destination (or dream destinations for those of you who want to spice up their seasonal life) and register your interest today. Contact your destination directly by email or telephone, or register your interest on the website and we will check what this year’s camping season might be like for you. Let the countdown begin – NOW!