Moments of happiness for many people


First Camp is Scandinavia’s largest camping chain, featuring near 70 destinations, and we have become so by giving first priority to the experiences of our guests. We work with service and have the privilege of participating in creating holiday memories for our guests.

Moments of happiness for many people is what we work for every day, and happiness is what want our guests to feel, as well as what we also want our employees to feel. In order to make this a reality, everyone who works at First Camp must be unpretentious and positive. The experiences of the guests must always come first, because they have chosen to spend their valuable holidays with precisely us.

The First Camp family works with our core values on a daily basis: We CareWe Have FunWe Simplify and We Deliver Results. We care about our guests and each other as colleagues, as well as the environment around us. We laugh with each other and partake ourselves in the merriment, we have fun because camping is of course fun!. We help each other as colleagues and attempt, in everything we do, to make things easier for our guests, big and little, new campers and seasoned camping enthusiasts alike. And we deliver results, if a guest is not satisfied, then we are not satisfied, and we always give a little extra to ensure that we are going in the right direction.

We are constantly in need of more employees, everyone from energetic young people to spry retirees. Many young people get their first proper job with us and it is a responsibility that we treasure. We are a serious employer with a properly addressed working environment and collective bargaining agreement. 

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