When you need to refill your energy levels

When you have finally mastered our cross-country bike trail or finished swimming a new personal record number of lengths in our pool, what could be better than a visit to our pleasant bistro to replenish your energy levels? The bistro has something for everyone, regardless of appetite or age. Our children’s menu features classic favourites such as pancakes with jam and hamburgers with fries, or why not share a pizza with a friend? Our bistro also has a nice selection of drinks for those in the mood for a refreshing cold beer or a glass of wine. Welcome!

First Camp Bistro

At First Camp we have our own food service, at several of our destinations, from Boden in the north to Malmö in the south. Here we serve homemade food with a nice bistro feel, ranging from simple snacks to dinners ending with good desserts and nice drinks like beer and wine. Of course there are good options for the kids.

Enjoy a good lunch, nice dinner or just hang out in our bistro. The food is also available as a take-away to bring to the cabin or campsite.

The bistro is closed for the season and will reopen in early summer 2024. Welcome back!

Service shop

In our shop you will find the most essential, basic items you need for camping success! And everyone knows that when you’re on holiday, every day is a Swedish ’fika’ day! That’s why we have freshly baked bread, yummy ice creams and refreshing drinks.
Welcome in!