Upplev naturen

Vackra vandringsleder, magiska mossar eller himmelska bad. Vad vill du uppleva i naturen idag? I närheten finns perfekta miljöer för härliga naturupplevelser, bland lummig grönska och vidsträckta vyer. Här är våra guldkorn för äventyr i det fria.

Experience nature

Many of our guests visit the campsite due to the Söderåsen National Park. Here there is a very large variation in nature and in vegetation.Just outside the campsite, the trails start into the park. In Röstånga there is the Nackarps Valley that leads on to the beautiful lake Odensjön, 19 meters deep. You enter a valley with amazing beech trees up to 30-40 meters high. At Odensjön there is a bathing pier and a nice barbecue area. It is  allowed for dogs to swim in the lake.

The trail Skåneleden passes by Odensjön and continues on to Skäralid. There are hiking trails of different difficulty and distances. Several of the national park trails are adapted for the family with a stroller or for disabled people.

Experience the wide variety of tree colors that change during the year. During the summer the book tree gives the ground a protective roof. In the autumn, the forest looks like a colorful fire arena.

To maximize the experience of the national park, we recommend that you participate in one of the many guided tours starting from the entrance to the National Park / Tourist Office in Röstånga or at Skäralids Naturum. To Skäralids Naturum it is 4 km from Röstånga. You drive in a few minutes or take the hiking trail outside the campsite via the Ugglarps valley to Skäralid. You can also cycle or go on the old railway track, which previously went from Röstånga to Ljungbyhed.

In the archipelago there are a lot of different hiking trails starting in the ravine at Naturum. Here you will also find fantastic beech forest and a beautiful lake with several nice barbecue areas. Above the ravine, from Kopparhatten you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Skåne. In Skäralids Naturum there is an exciting exhibition and the national park’s own staff available for further information about the park.

Röstånga Tourist Office also offers information and brochures about Söderåsen’s other natural areas. For example Klåveröds leisure area and Finntorpsdammarna, both suitable for fishing, hiking, mountain biking and other activities. Up on the top of Söderåsen lies Stenestad with a genuine city environment, coffee shop and crafts.


Söderåsens nationalpark