NM Mester i svevet på wakeboard Norsjø Kabelpark
Norsjø Kabelpark, på brett
Kneeboard, Norsjø Kabelpark
To jenter på Sup brett, Norsjø Kabelpark

Norsjø Cable Park

Welcome to Norsjø Cable Park, one of the world’s best cable tracks for wakeboarding, water skiing and kneeboarding! Everyone who likes speed and water activities would love it here. The 550m-long cable track is for both beginners and pros. In 2014, the World Cable Wakeboard Championship took place here and the cable track upholds high international standard.


Every year, the Norwegian Championship in wakeboard and wakeskate is held. The next opportunity to experience this is on August 9-11, 2024. Save the date already now. Everyone who wants to participate as an audience is warmly welcome, free of charge

Save the date: June 16, 2024! ParaVeka is happening at Norsjø Cable Park. Experience the Kick-off, children’s show, and, most importantly, para skiing with a show. Everyone is welcome to be part of the audience, completely free. Welcome!


The rope track pulls you through the port basin and on your way you pass small and large rails and several jumps (Features/Obstacles), which, of course, you choose yourself whether to ride. If you fall off, just swim ashore and jump back on, so fasten your life jacket and hold on! The activity is ideal for people of all ages and we guarantee an adventure you will never forget. Bring the whole family and challenge each other. Who can do the coolest trick and who can finish the track without falling off? Experiment and soon you will become a real pro!



-Hen Shaw
-2 x kicker
-1 x xl kicker
-Two step
-Street rail
-Pool with dowm rail/street rail

The age limit for the cable track is 8 years. You must wear a life jacket and be able to swim. Wetsuits can be rented on site.



In the summer, we arrange courses for everyone who wants to go from beginner to pro. Children, too, can participate. Beginner course and The children’s cable event is held throughout July 2024, both before and after opening hours. The opening hours for the cable park in July are from 12 PM to 5 PM.:
NOK 300 per person. You can buy tickets down in the shop down by Kabelparken. Contact the shop or the reception desk for more information.



Group activity
Are you a large bunch or are you here for a company conference? The cable park is a perfect activity for those who want to come up with something really entertaining to do together. We arrange courses outside ordinary opening hours. Contact the reception desk for more information.



Opening hours

May 11 – May 31: Saturday – Sunday 12:00-16:00
June 1 – August 18: Monday – Sunday 12:00-17:00*
August 24 – September 8: Saturday – Sunday 12:00-16:00


*The Norwegian Championship is being held at Norsjø Cable Park on August 9th – 11th. Everyone is welcome as spectators, but driving is restricted for those who are not participating in the championship


Please be aware that it is possible for groups to book the cable park, as it is closed for others. A tip is to inquire at the reception of the destination, phone: +47 35 95 84 30 (from 08:00 to 16:00), whether it is available for everyone when you plan to come, or if you yourselves wish to book for a group, of course.



Season Pass: Children under 16 years old 1250 NOK, 16-18 years old 2600 NOK, Adults from 19 years old 3800 NOK.
Day Pass: 8-15 years old 390 NOK, over 16 years old 490 NOK.
2 Hours: For children 8-15 years old: 250 NOK, From 16 years old (adult): 350 NOK.
1 Hour: For children 8-15 years old: 200 NOK, From 16 years old (adult): 250 NOK.
Family Package:
We want you and your family of 4 to have the opportunity to ride, so we offer a family package with 4 day passes for 1450 NOK (wetsuit not included).
Wetsuit: 1 hour: 50 DKK, 2 hours: 70 NOK, For the whole day: 100 NOK.
Tickets are purchased at the store down by the Cable Park.