A refreshing drink with views of the Dal River

After a busy day shopping in beautiful Borlänge, a refreshing dip in the Dal River during the summer or an energetic day of skiing in winter, what could be better than sitting down to a delicious meal? And when on holiday you deserve the extra luxury of having your food prepared and served by someone else! Our popular bistro offers dishes for campers of all ages, regardless of whether you are really hungry or just a little peckish. Simply take a seat, enjoy a cold beer or a refreshing soft drink, and wait for your food to arrive – the perfect way to round off a perfect day!

First Camp Bistro

At First Camp we have our own food service, at several of our destinations, from Boden in the north to Malmö in the south. Here we serve homemade food with a nice bistro feel, ranging from simple snacks to dinners ending with good desserts and nice drinks like beer and wine. Of course there are good options for the kids.

Enjoy a good lunch, nice dinner or just hang out in our bistro. The food is also available as a take-away to bring to the cabin or campsite.


In our kiosks you will find the most essential, basic items you need for those cosy camping evenings. We have sweets, crisps, nuts and delicious drinks. For those ice cream monsters out there, there is a whole freezer full of the tastiest ice creams.

The kiosk opens at the end of spring and is open all summer, welcome!