Mellsta – Borlänge

Mellstavägen 3, 78468 Borlänge

With views of Dalälven River

News! Mellsta has now become a First Camp Easy, a brand new sub-brand for those who prefer the simple camping life. Read more here.


At the peaceful camping site First Camp Mellsta – Borlänge you can enjoy your stay with an amazing view over Dalälven. The camping site is located in the beautiful nature of Mellsta park that is very appreciated by both the locals and the tourists. Here you have both relaxation and activities close by all year around.


Here you can enjoy the fresh air and the amazing nature of Dalarna in a variety of different ways. If you are looking for relaxation and physical challenges there is several exercises trails in different lengths and levels in connection to Mellsta park. A snow cannon makes it possible to enjoy skiing even when the weather wouldn’t allow it during winter. Dalälven offers the opportunity for fishing and here you will be able to catch pike, sea bream, roach and perch. For those who wish there is also plenty of opportunities to explore and be amazed by the wilderness.


On site you will find a very popular playground and mini golf course. If you want to broaden your horizon a bit Borlänge offers shopping and the possibility to visit the water park Aqua Nova, the Jussi Björling museum, 2047 Science Center and Sweden’s oldest museum Ornäsloftet where Gustav Vasa hid from the Danish in 1521. A short travel outside of Borlänge you will also find Romme Alpin, the adventure mine Tuna Hästberg and amazing outdoor ice skating on lake Runn.

We offer

Breakfast bag
Pets allow
Summerland Package


Cross-country skiiing
Hiking trails
Mini golf

Practical information

Open the barriers with the access cards you received at check-in.


Bus connections
Buses leave from Mellsta, about 1 km walk from the campsite. There is a bus stop on “Stora vägen” and in Kvarnsveden.


Defibrillators are available at the reception.


Emptying station
Latrines are in service building 1 and 2.


Green Key
The destination is environmentally labeled with the Green Key.


The kiosk is open during the spring and summer season. The kiosk is gradually filled up during the spring to offer its full range during the summer season.


Opening hours
First Camp Mellsta – Borlänge is open all year round. The restaurant, shop and other facilities may have different opening hours, according to the season.


At First Camp we like to do our bit to improve the environment and hope that our guests will do so too. At our waste and recycling stations we sort plastics, aluminium, glass, paper and newspapers. Instructions are provided at each station.


Service card
You will be given a pass card/service card when checking in. These can be charged with money and used for i.e. washing machines (showers are free).


Wifi is available in limited parts of the area.

Opening hours

2 January23 May

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