Klim Strand badeland

Water park

The indoor water park offers plenty of fun for the whole family. Our prices include free access to the pool/water park. For safety reasons, First Camp reserves the right to reject guests at the entrance to the water park/pool if this is deemed to be indefensible. It is First Camp’s right to assess this at any time. Please note that opening hours may vary.


The water park consists of three pools; The children’s pool with approx. 34 degree warm water, a 20 meter long swimming pool and not least the Bulbjerg pool, inspired by the beautiful Bulbjerg, which has a water slide and climbing wall, where you have to fight your way through the rushing “sea” to reach the top.


Our water park is also open to outside guests.


Children under 2 years: Free
Children and adults over 2 years: DKK 50

Can I bring a child of the opposite sex into the changing room?

We are often asked if it is okay to take a boy into the women's changing room - and vice versa, if it is possible to take a girl into the men's changing room. It is allowed until the child is 6 years old.

  • Children over the age of 7 do not have access to changing rooms for the opposite sex

We reserve the right to close the bath earlier in the event of technical faults or reasons beyond our control, without compensation to camping guests.