At First Camp Klim Strand – Northwest Coast, we have over 20 charming beach huts, with all the equipment you need for a fantastic holiday. In addition, we have a few camping cabins that offer an authentic camping atmosphere if you are looking for a slightly simpler stay, but at a very good price. If the family wants to be spoiled even more, we also have our new Mobilehomes that offer all the best of the beach huts, in larger and even more luxurious surroundings.


What the cabins have in common is that they can all form the framework for a perfect holiday, and with the many options we offer on the site, everyone in the family will certainly not be bored.


Pool/Water park
Our prices include free access to the pool/water park. For safety reasons, First Camp reserves the right to refuse guests at the entrance to the water park/pool. It is First Camp’s right to assess this at any time. Please note that opening hours may vary.