Ironman Kalmar

Kalmar has Swedens only Ironman with the full distance (3,86 km swimming, 180,2 km biking and 42,2 km running).
The event is popular among both spectators and triathletes. This year’s event will be held on August 20, with many contestants from different countries.

The contest’s all locations and venues are within walking distance. There is a familiar and friendly atmosphere in the town, and thanks to that the competition area is central, it’s never far from cafes and restaurants.

The first IRONMAN in Scandinavia was organized in Kalmar 18 August 2012. The swim course is in the Baltic Sea, the bike path runs through the 6 km long bridge across to the popular tourist island of Öland and the path goes through the central parts of Kalmar with the finish at the Great Square.