First Camp Grenen Strand - Skagen

Enjoy a lovely camping holiday in Skagen, Denmark. Camping is a wonderful and free way to spend a holiday. Camping in Skagen is for everyone. Camping in Denmark has changed over the years, and many campsites are not like they used to be. Campsites in Denmark have kept up with the times and development. At First Camp, we have thought about providing entertainment for the children and relaxing and disconnecting opportunities for adults. With us, you can enjoy the lovely Danish summer weather, our beautiful facilities at our various campsites, whether you are into the more luxurious or just nature as it is. We can accommodate your wishes, and with a camping holiday in Denmark, you won’t miss out on anything. Our guests are very satisfied with our campsites, and we make a great effort to renew our facilities so they always appear attractive and inviting. At First Camp, we offer camping for every taste.

The campsite also offers plenty of opportunities to make new friends and acquaintances, chat over the “hedge” and exchange good stories. It is only you who set the limit for your holiday stay in North Jutland.

We look forward to welcoming you and making your stay a lovely and worry-free experience. We will make your camping in Skagen a holiday stay that you will happily return to. Bring the family, friends, wife, girlfriend, etc., under your arm and enjoy a lovely camping holiday at First Camp Grenen Strand, the campsite in North Jutland!

Camping Site

Camping Site with Electricity – Max 4-10m

At Grenen Beach, there are several different camping sites depending on the size of your vehicle. These sites have access to electricity. Choose your specific site from the map when you book online.

Beach Site with Electricity and Sewage – Max 6-8.5m

These sites are perfect for those who want to stay in the front row close to the beach and bathing. The sites have access to electricity and sewage. Choose your specific site from the map when you book online.

Seasonal Spot

If you're planning to camp in Skagen in North Jutland, First Camp Grenen Strand is the place to be. Our campsite exudes coziness and radiates a great atmosphere. Its location is also unique, as the campsite is situated right next to a lovely bathing beach, the only one in the Skagen area. When you visit First Camp Grenen Strand, you are more or less camping in Skagen, North Jutland's sunny gem. North Jutland is known for having almost 20% more sunshine hours than the rest of the country, and the campsite near Skagen is no exception. Generally, our guests tell us that there's just more light and sun at the site. It's truly something that can recharge your batteries and mood.

With a seasonal spot with us, you can simultaneously enjoy:

  • Valid for up to 6 people in the same household
  • Free discount booklet with great offers and discounts, including:
  • Get 50% off an overnight stay at all First Camp destinations in Denmark.
  • Play a free round of mini-golf or two.
  • Give your friends a 10% discount on camping.
  • Treat your children, grandchildren, children's friends, friends' children, or yourself to free ice cream.
  • Free shower
  • Free use of service buildings including hot water, ovens, cooking plates, etc.

The above is just a small glimpse of what you can expect as a seasonal guest. Have we captured your interest – but are you not completely convinced? You are very welcome to call us, or perhaps visit the campsite, look at the facilities, and get answers to some of your questions.

Please note that the opening hours for pools, water parks, and swimming halls can vary. We reserve the right to make changes and adjustments depending on supply, demand, season, wind, and weather. If you wish to bring a dog, this incurs a small extra charge.

Prices and Periods

All prices are in DKK.

Electricity Costs

The price for the seasonal agreement is excl. electricity. At the same time, a power meter is issued at most places, from which any additional electricity costs are read after the rental period ends. Electricity costs must be paid by the guest no later than at check-out. At some places, sub-meters are installed, so no additional power meter is necessary. Payment is still based on actual consumption.

Seasonal Spot (Summer Season)

CategorySummer Season 2024 (March 22 – October 20)
All Spots18,995,-
Power Connection / Meter Rent0,-
Guest Card700,-
Extra Adult1,000,-
Extra Child700,-
Winter Parking1,495,-
Floor Storage995,-

Payment: The first installment of 2,000 DKK is paid upon ordering. The remaining amount (second installment) is due no later than 30 days before the start of the season.

Spring and Autumn Season

CategorySpring Spot 2024 (March 22 – June 23)Autumn Spot 2024 (August 11 – October 20)
All Spots4,295,-3,295,-
Power Connection / Meter Rent0,-0,-
Guest Card500,-500,-
Extra Adult500,-500,-
Extra Child350,-350,-

Payment: The first installment of 2,500 DKK is paid upon ordering. The remaining amount (second installment)


Tent Site with and without Electricity

At First Camp Grenen Strand, you can also stay in a tent, perfect if you're on a bicycle holiday or just prefer simple accommodation. Choose whether you want to book a tent site with or without electricity.

Service buildings

At First Camp Grenen Strand, we can offer 2 service buildings, one of which is a whole 320 m2. Our service buildings are updated to match the way many of us want to spend a camping holiday nowadays.

One building is from 2016 and includes a family room, children's room, modern kitchen facilities and outdoor kitchen. There is no need to stand on each other's toes, the rooms are sized so there is room for everyone. With our service building, we have thought about making space for all types of people and people of all ages.Our second service building contains toilet and bathing facilities. Additionally, here you will find a really cozy living room, where it is possible to enjoy a game of cards or turn on the TV and keep up with events happening around the world. The second service building at First Camp Grenen Strand is divided into 4 sections, two of which are with bathing rooms and two with toilets. At the same time, this service building is where you find our handicap toilet.

Power pack

The power package always follows the specific booking. Any excess/unused kWh cannot be transferred to new bookings. Contact us for further information.