Grenen Strand – Skagen

Fyrvej 16, 9990 Skagen

First Camp Grenen Strand - Skagen

Welcome to First Camp Grenen Strand – Skagen!

Our campsite exudes coziness and a great atmosphere. The location is also unique, as the campsite is situated right next to a beautiful beach, the only one in the Skagen area. When you visit First Camp Grenen Strand, you are more or less camping in Skagen, the sunshine pearl of North Jutland. North Jutland is known for having almost 20% more sunshine hours than the rest of the country, and the campsite near Skagen is no exception. Generally, our guests tell us that there is just more light and sun at the site. It really is something that can recharge your batteries and mood.

With a camping holiday at First Camp Grenen Strand, you and your family give yourselves a holiday with a lot of possibilities. There is room for everyone, and activities for every taste. The campsite in North Jutland has a lot to offer, and there are attractions and activities for all ages.

If you want a lovely holiday with the children, the campsite in North Jutland offers some nice and newly renovated playgrounds, which the children can spend many fun hours on. Additionally, there are plenty of activities for children of all ages in the area during the summer period.

If you are more into relaxation and pure enjoyment, this is also possible. When camping, you are free. It is possible to plan your day just as you wish. With a camping holiday with us, you also say yes to camping in Skagen and North Jutland. When you stay at First Camp Grenen Strand, you have all the possibilities right outside your door – turn right and you will be at the top of Denmark, and turn left and a plethora of lovely shopping opportunities, museum visits, restaurants, and cozy cafes unfolds.

We offer

Pets allow


Beach and swimming
Football field

Practical information

Här hittar du mer praktisk information som kan vara bra att veta om vår destination. Vad gäller för WIFI, var finns tömningsstationen eller närmsta hjärtstartaren? Här finner du även våra generella trivselregler som gäller alla campinggäster så att vistelsen blir så bra som möjligt!


Wifi is not available in the area.


Disposal Station
Toilet disposal is available in service building 3.

Opening hours

20 June10 August