There is just something very special about taking a vacation on a campsite. Happy people, children playing and adults having fun with each other. And luckily, you do not need to have either a caravan or tent to enjoy this amazing form of vacation. At First Camp Skovlund – Lillebælt, you can go on a wonderful cabin holiday in exactly the cabin that suits your taste and budget.


Cabin holiday at First Camp Skovlund – Lillebælt
We have six different types of cabins that vary in both location and decor, so there is something for everyone.  At First Camp Skovlund – Lillebælt, you decide for yourself whether your cabin holiday should be spent in the quiet corner with trees and shrubs, or whether you would rather live in the open space, with the most beautiful view of the sea. All our cabins are beautifully located on the campsite and many of them are just a stone’s throw from the playgrounds, water park and reception.


Water Park
Our prices include free access to the pool / water park. For security reasons, First Camp reserves the right to reject guests at the entrance to the water park / pool if this is deemed unreasonable. It is the right of First Camps to assess this at any time. Please note that opening hours may vary.