Villa Lunde 
Enjoy unique experiences in Villa Lunde with its opera garden, concert hall, exhibitions and open studio. The artist’s home is that of spouses Elisabeth de Lunde and Jakob Zethner, both with long, acknowledge careers. Experience paintings, opera and concerts at the highest international level.


Lunde bygdetun 
The museum is owned by Nome municipality and operated by Lunde Parish Association. The original buildings on the plot are the main building, outbuildings and brewery. Also, the Lunde Parish Association has moved, restored and rebuilt the Bjervamoen cottage, a gunsmith workshop, a school, a raised storehouse and a mill from Flåbygd. There are events throughout the year, but no fixed opening hours.


Trollbilen (the troll car) was one of the first serious attempts to start large-scale car production in Norway. The idea was to make a small, light car with fibreglass bodywork. A prototype was built, and production begun.