For the nature lover - Visit Rømø

With its unspoiled nature, small Rømø with its mere 700 permanent residents offers lots of wonderful nature experiences and activities on land or at sea. Choose from an almost endless range of child-friendly and quiet activities or tough physical experiences such as wind or kite surfing. There is guaranteed to be something here for everyone.


Experience Rømø’s pristine nature and the wonderful outdoor activities on land or sea on an island that has just 700 permanent residents. Choose from an almost infinite variety of child-friendly, quiet activities or try your hand at tough stuff like wind or kite surfing. There’s something for everyone.

Website: Rømø turistförening

Sandy beaches

There are three fantastic beaches close to the campsite – Lakolk, Rømø beach and Sönderstrand. Every year, thousands of kitesurfing enthusiasts come to enjoy the challenges of the North Sea waves. The shallow, long beaches offer fantastic experiences for families with children.

Near to nature

Rømø offers superb nature experiences. Visit the tourist office and book a guided tour of the island. The shift between high and low tide is always breathtaking and if you’re there in spring or autumn you can experience the famous ”Sort Sol” (Black Sun) a quirky, fascinating phenomenon that occurs when tens of thousands of starlings form unforgettable formations in the sky.


Sylt is Germany’s little Majorca. Come here to relax in a chair in what is one huge sandy beach. Bike or bathe, or both. The cheapest way to get here is by ferry from Rømø to List. The journey takes about an hour and costs around 55 euro. Don’t forget to book.

Oyster safari at the Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park is close the town of Ribe on Jutland’s southwest coast. Wadden Sea Centre organizes oyster safaris in the oyster harvesting season until April. The centre also arranges seal safaris, geese tours and walking tours where you can discover more about the nature and wildlife in the Wadden Sea

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