För vinterfantasten

På Enåbadet – Rättvik har ni chansen att ta del av vintern när den är som bäst. Oavsett om du önskar en dag i slalombacken, en tur i skidspåret eller bara en kopp kaffe till solnedgången så har vi boende och aktiviteter för dig. Från destinationen har ni närhet till både skidbacke, längdspår, skridsko-is och en varm och skön simhall.

At Enåbadet – Rättvik, you have the chance to take on winter at its best. Whether you want a day in the downhill slopes, a trip on the cross-country ski trails, or just a cup of coffee at sunset, then we have accommodations and activities for you. From this destination, you will be near ski slopes, cross-country trails, ice skating areas, as well as a warm and lovely swimming pool.

Long-distance ice skating

When the ice settles, you can enjoy some incredible ice skating on the beautiful lake Siljan. During the year, tracks of approx. 6-7 km are ploughed. At Stiftgården, you can rent both long-distance ice skates, a helmet, ice prods and poles.

Cross-country skiing

On the breadth, there is a long tradition of different national teams placing their training camps in Rättvik.

At the municipality, there is a trail area with associated trail stations. Here, you can find illuminated trails, day trails, artificial trails, and long-distance trails. The artificial snow trail at Jarlstugan is prepared for both classic and free techniques.

Alpine skiing

With a magnificent view of Siljan, and in convenient proximity to Rättvik, you will find Rättviksbacken with great opportunities for alpine skiing. Approx. 10 minutes by car from the campsite.


At the banks of Siljan in Rättvik, the Trapperservice has laid snowshoeing trails amidst the wilderness and among chalets, a stone’s throw from the hotel, guest houses and cottage towns!

In work with the Siljan Snowshoe Race, many excellent snowshoeing trails have been laid in wonderful natural surroundings at Lerdalsberget! During the spring and winter, every hill, grove and marsh awaits. Enjoy snowshoeing hikes on icy snow, exploring with the warm rays of the sun on your face and body!