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Hökensås fiske
Hökensås fiske


North Funen is ideal for angling. On the long coastline from Skåstrup in the west to Enebærodde in the east you will find some of the country’s best fishing spots.

You can fish almost anywhere, but the most suitable are the places where the water depth is not too shallow.

Æbelø north of Bogense is a unique place for angling and one of Denmark’s most beautiful fishing grounds.
Here you will find a nature that is rarely seen like it. All year round there is a chance of catching a large trout on the hook.

At Flyvesandet, next to Storskoven, there are also good opportunities for sea trout fishing.

At Enebærodde, at the mouth of the Odense Fjord in the Kattegat, where the coast drops steeply (20 m), there is also the possibility of cod fishing.

Throw out the string and try your luck in one of the Put & Take the lakes in the area. Not far from the square is one of Funen’s most popular fishing lakes, namely Børge´s Put and Take.