Arcusbadet has long been a popular summer destination for bath-loving locals in Luleå and holidaymakers. The heated pool area on the campsite is a popular and exciting water park with three different pools, slides, wave machine, children’s pool, play equipment, volleyball net, and a game room. Families with children often spend several hours a day here with laughter and play.


Arcusbadet is not included in the accommodation price but as a resident guest, you naturally have a very favorable price, let us know at the entrance and we will help you. The water park is just a few hundred meters from the cottage village and camping area. Here there is also a grill and a kiosk filled with candy, snacks, drinks and of course, plenty of ice cream.

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Children up to 16 years 55 SEK
Adults from 16 years 85 SEK
Family (2 children 2 adults) 240 SEK

Opening hours

21 juni - 11 augusti 2024
10.00 - 17.00

A safe place to be for all visitors

We want our pool to be a safe place for all visitors. Therefore, children under 12 years old and those who cannot swim must always have a guardian or another swimming proficient adult with them during their stay at the pool area. Remember that all babies in diapers must wear swim diapers during their visit with us. In case of accidents, we are forced to close the pool, hence it is mandatory for small children to use swim diapers. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the Arcusbadet kiosk.

We reserve the right to close the pool early in bad weather and thunder, and to close the pool due to any technical faults or causes beyond our control, without compensation to camping guests.