Ansia - Lycksele vinter


Ansia – Lycksele is a safe bet when it comes to winter camping and fun winter activities. The destination is located right next to the Ume River, which during the winter turns into the Arena River where you can try everything from ice skating, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling to ice karting. Or why not try your hand at ice fishing or a ride on a kicksled? There is something for everyone, big and small campers alike! Enjoy a real Norrland winter with lots of fast-paced activities near the destination.


Around the Arena River there are also several shelters and barbecue areas for those who want to cosy up a little extra. Why not pack a lunch and hot chocolate and spend a full day outdoors? Wonderful if you ask us!


Lycksele is also a nice town to discover on cross-country skis. There are some ski trails that wind through peaceful and beautiful scenery.

Here you can read more about ski trails in Lycksele.