Sport + semester = sant

Älskar du också kombinationen av sport och semester? Här finns fantastiska möjligheter för alla sportälskare där ute. Snöra på, kavla upp, hoppa i, spänn fast, dra åt, rätta till och njut av en riktigt sportig semester hos oss.


If you want to try rafting, you can do so in Ekorrsele, 35 km from our destination. That is where Forsknäckarna offer speed and wind in the Vindel River. A really fun and fast-paced adventure for family or friends!

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Next door to Ansia – Lycksele is one of the most difficult golf courses in Sweden, Lycksele Golf Club. A round of golf here is recommended for those seeking a challenge for both body and soul. 

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Multifunction park

3.5 km from Ansia – Lycksele is the newly built multifunctional track where you can go cycling, roller skiing, running or walking in summer. There are everything from short loops of 1.3km to longer and more challenging loops. Bring your water bottle and choose the loop that suits you. During the winter, the multifunctional track is transformed into a real paradise for cross-country skiers. Day passes or season tickets can be purchased on site. To see more information and exact prices follow the link below.

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