Museum och sevärdheter

Spendera en dag på Mickelbo gård. Här finns allt från marsvin och kossor till kameler. Perfekt för barnfamiljen.


Vill du uppleva natur, är ett besök på Skogs- och samemuseet ett måste. Det ligger vackert på en halvö.

Mickelbo gård

Mickelbo Farm has everything from guinea pigs and cows to camels. There are fun activities and experiences to suit young and old alike. How about 5 fights, sleigh rides with horses or a date with the camels? Mickelbo Farm can be found in the Mickelträsk swamp located about 40 km north of Umeå. Open both in winter and summer.

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Lycksele Forest Museum

The Forest Museum is beautifully situated on a peninsula in the Ume River in the Gammplatsen district. It is Lycksele’s place of origin. Here you will meet people who have worked in the forest; the lumberjack, the cook, the raftsman, the seeder, the goatherd, the machine operator, etc.

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In the western part of the municipality of Vännäs you can visit Glassbonden and his farm dairy. Extremely delicious ice cream is produced here in different flavours. A safe card for both small and large campers. You will find the ice cream maker approx. 100 kilometres from Ansia – Lycksele.

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