Experience Skara's Beautiful Nature and Hiking Trails

Are you a nature lover? Then Skara is the place for you! The nature in and around Skara is diverse, species-rich, and breathtakingly beautiful. You can, for example, visit Vallebygden’s seven different nature reserves and experience the fascinating birdlife at Lake Hornborga. Here, Naturum and much more await exploration by all nature lovers!

Fornbyn – Peek into the Old Farming Community

Fornbyn is an idyllic open-air museum right next to the Västergötland Museum in Skara. Here, you'll find about 30 historical buildings from all over Västergötland, giving you a glimpse into the old farming community. Explore an old country store, cottage, church, blacksmith's shop, barn, and inn. In addition to history, Fornbyn offers a beautiful outdoor dance floor and barbecue area for the public. As a visitor, you can also learn about traditional farming practices, and during the summer months, you may encounter chickens or pigs on the farm.

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Petersburg Outdoor Area – Joy of Movement in a Lovely Forest Setting

Just south of Skara, you'll find the Petersburg Outdoor Area. Here, there's a wide range of outdoor activities and training. There are three fitness trails of varying difficulty levels that run through a varied and fantastic forest environment. The mountain bike trail extends over 5.8 km with a shorter variant of 2 km. Trust that it will challenge your technique with roots, stones, and gravel roads. Adjacent to the mountain bike trail is a pump track. A fun technical track over 190 meters with bumps and sharp turns. These tracks are suitable for young and old, elite cyclists as well as beginners. The outdoor gym is well-equipped with various exercises and strength training. The padel court consists of a double court and a single court.

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Skara-Husaby Pilgrimage Trail – A Historic Hike

The pilgrimage trail between Skara and Husaby stretches over 26 kilometers and offers a pleasant hiking experience in flat and easy terrain. The trail passes through historical sights such as medieval churches, a museum railway, and the spa town of Lundsbrunn. Enjoy the wide-open fields and majestic pine forests as you hike past the castle and churches, including Skara Cathedral and Husaby Church.

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