There's Plenty to See in Skara

Skara is known for its rich history, many attractions, and sights. Here, there’s a wide selection of places to see. Experience the old buildings, churches, or museums and travel back in time.

Varnhem, Monastery Church, and Manor – Discover Varnhem's Exciting Stories

With an almost thousand-year-old history, Varnhem Monastery Church offers fascinating tales. Located at the foot of Billingen in Västergötland, it was once an important center for spiritual, political, cultural, and economic activities. The church's Romanesque-Gothic vaults bear memories of the monks' masses and songs. After visiting the church, enjoy coffee and delicious pastries in the nearby café and take a walk along the beautiful Rosenstigen, a two-kilometer hiking trail around the monastery area. Also, take the opportunity to visit nearby Kata Manor and see the ruins of one of Sweden's oldest churches.

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Veterinary Museum – How Were the Animals 250 Years Ago?

In 1775, Sweden's first veterinary school was founded in the middle of Skara. The founder, Peter Hernquist, was a disciple of Linné and trained as a veterinarian in France. In the same building where the first Swedish veterinarians were once trained, the Veterinary Museum is now located. Here, you can follow the development of the veterinary profession from 250 years ago. The museum is in the building where Hernquist lived and worked. When you step into this venerable house, it feels like you're transported back in time. In the cinema hall, you can enjoy well-made and beautiful slideshows, and in the exhibitions, there are interesting objects, pictures, and texts to study. In addition to all the exciting items to look at, there's a quiz walk for children with animal questions and a cozy crafting corner.

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Västergötland Museum – Welcome to Experience Sweden's History

The Västergötland Museum is a cultural center with a broad range of activities. Here, over 10,000 years of the country's unique history are presented. Experience medieval Skara, view the well-preserved Bronze Age shields, see the exciting exhibition on how the mighty inland ice influenced humans, and meet Kata, the woman who ruled the manor in Varnhem in the 11th century. The museum also houses Sweden's oldest piece of furniture and book. Next to the museum is Fornbyn, where you can walk around and see buildings from the 19th century and experience what the old farming community looked like. After visiting the museum, you can relax by the open fireplace for a well-deserved coffee break.

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