Aktivitet fiske


Älskar du också kombinationen av sport och semester? Här finns fantastiska möjligheter för alla sportälskare där ute. Snöra på, kavla upp, hoppa i, spänn fast, dra åt, rätta till och njut av en riktigt sportig semester hos oss.

Skiing near Malmö

From our camping in Malmö you will find several ski resorts within 1.5 hours by car. The ski resorts Vångabacken and Vallåsen have several runs where you can spend a beautiful winter day. Vallåsen is not located in Skåne, but on Hallandsåsen lies one of the larger ski resorts in southern Sweden and it is well worth mentioning.


Vångabacken, or “Skåne’s nearest alp”, lies scenic at the tip of lake Ivösjö, just north of Kristianstad, and from First Camp Sibbarp-Malmö it takes about 1.5 hours on road E22. The ski resort has 132 meters fall height and the longest slope is 660 meters. Skiing is offered in three different slopes with varying degrees of difficulty so it suits all members of the family, children and adults alike. During the summer you can try Hill Rolling and MTB / Downhill. In September, a harvest festival is also organized every year, which is well worth a visit.


Drive the car north to Hallandsåsen and find the ski resort Vallåsen, a true winter wonderland for southern Sweden! You will find 11 slopes in different difficulty levels, the longest being 1260 meters and a total of 5170 meters of slopes. In Vallåsen there are also two nature trails for cross-country skiers, one of 2.5 km and one of 5 km.

Website: Vångabacken Vallåsen


One can take a fishing tour, approx. 2 km from the campsite, an activity for both beginners and the anglers. Fish caught in these waters is mainly cod, herring and mackerel.