Play golf in Malmö

Golfing is great in Skåne, and within 15 km of the campsite in Sibbarp there are two good courses to play at, Malmö Burlöv Golf Club and Hinton Golf Club.

Malmö Golf Club is located in an old natural and cultural landscape and consists of 27 holes. The course is located near the city in nice nature and park landscaping. The course is located only 12 km from the campsite so you can easily swing by one afternoon. The club also features a 6-hole short course and practice areas.

At Hinton Golf Club there are three courses, Sofiedal, Rönnebäck and Kvarnby. Sofiedal is with its rounded hills, unbeatable view of the valley a nice course. The greens are one of the fastest in Sweden according to the club. Kvarnby is about 5 km from Malmö city center. An alternating 18-hole park course. There is also a training area and driving range. Rönnebäck is located in a varied landscape and reminds us of Scottish hills on 5 of the holes, the rest being of a park character.


Malmö Burlöv Golf Club

Hinton Golf Club