camping Malmö - Sibbarp
Tält Malmö - Sibbarp
Trampbil med Yessi Sibbarp - Malmö
Camping Malmö - Sibbarp


At First Camp Sibbarp – Malmö you can book accommodation for caravans, camper vans or tents. We have 3 service houses on the campsite and check-in takes place at 13:00 for those staying in the camping area. Check-out is not later than 11:00. Do you wonder what applies if you have your dog on holiday,
what applies for parking/setting up, or if there are barriers on the campsite? Here you can read more
practical information.


When you book accommodation at our campsite in Sibbarp – Malmö, you can choose a specific camping pitch
from the map. Then you get exactly the place you want! Close to the service house, reception or in
the quieter corner of the campsite. Freedom, just the way you want your camping holiday to be!

Camping pitch

It is freedom to be able to bring your own house exactly where you feel like going. First Camp’s campsites are very popular holiday destinations and we recommend that you book your place in advance online to get just the one you want. Are you wondering when you can check-in or if you can bring your dog on your holiday? Here is practical information where we have gathered the most important information. If you are thinking of becoming a seasonal guest with us, you can read more here.

Campingpitch with electricity - max 6, 8, 10 or 12 meters

Lovely camping pitches with on grass and with electricity. Select your pitch from the map when booking online to get the location you want during your stay. Several pitches have a view of the Öresund Bridge.

Campingpitch without electricity - max 8 meters

Nice camping pitches on grass. No electricity. These piches are located on the upper part of the campsite with close proximity to both playground, service building, camping shop and bistro. Select your pitch from the map when booking online.


Motorhome pitch with electricity - max 6 or 10 meter

At First Camp Sibbarp-Malmö there are 41 easily accessible caravan locations. These are located at the campsite’s main street with its own latrine pitch. All places are equipped with electricity.


Camping is both easy and fun with a tent! At First Camp Sibbarp-Malmö you are welcome to set up the tent at our campsites with beautiful views of the Öresund Bridge.