Nora – Bergslagen

Kungsgatan 56, 713 32 Nora

Right by the lake in enchanting surroundings

First Camp Nora – Bergslagen, located 30 kilometres north of Örebro, is a calm and child friendly camping site for those who enjoy both beautiful nature and the comforts of the city life. Here you will have a relaxing stay close to the beach and a variety of activities.


On site there is a variety of activities for both grown-ups and children. The beach has piers and a jump tower that is perfect for a fun day in the water. You can also rent a boat or a canoe to enjoy a relaxing time on the lake. On site you will also find a playground and the possibility to play mini golf, beach volleyball or to go fishing. Close to the camping site you will find Alnarps island where you can follow the magical paths of the trolls with the children. Some days during peak season you can also enjoy a children’s play on the island.


The charming town center of Nora is only a 10 minute walk away from the camping site. Here you can enjoy shopping in unique boutiques and for those who like antiques Nora city is a paradise. If you want to explore, learn and experience the city has many tourist attractions such as Göthlinska gården, Pershyttans hytta, bergmans by, konunga-stollen and the veteran railway.

We offer

Breakfast bag
Pets allow


Beach volleyball
Mini golf
Pedal boats
Rent a bicycle
Rent a canoe

Practical information

The destination is staffed
Staff are available during this destination’s opening hours.


We are a completely cash-free destination. We of course accept all standard debit and credit cards.


The kiosk is gradually filled up during the spring to offer its full range during the summer season.


The Wifi near the reception is limited, we are working to solve the problem.

Opening hours

1 October27 April