Nickstabadet - Nynäshamn
Nickstabadet - Nynäshamn
Nickstabadet - Nynäshamn
Nickstabadet - Nynäshamn

Nickstabadet – Nynäshamn

Nickstabadsvägen 17, 14943 Nynäshamn

First Camp Nickstabadet – Nynäshamn

First Camp Nickstabadet – Nynäshamn is located close to Nynäshamns popular beach. With a good atmosphere and many fun activities this is a place for the whole family to enjoy their holiday. You will reach the city of Stockholm within an hour by car and if you would like also go by ferry to Gotland, Poland and Latvia.


At First Camp Nickstabadet – Nynäshamn there is a variety of activities for the whole family to choose from. Here you can enjoy the summer by the beach or you can choose to go for a relaxing time on the water with a canoe or kayak. Bring some food in a backpack and go hiking along the beautiful walking trails or bicycle along the bicycle roads. You can also play some mini golf or why not go for a tasty ice cream? Just enjoy the moment.


In a 10 minute walk you will reach the city center of Nynäshamn with its shopping and many restaurants. If you would want to explore Stockholm you can get there within the hour by car or train. If you would like a longer trip you can go by boat to the archipelago or take one of the ferries to Gotland, Latvia or Poland.


Please note that the waterslide might be closed due to rain – please check with us.

We offer

Breakfast bag
Pets allow


Beach and swimming
Kayak hire
Mini golf
Rent a bicycle
Rent a canoe
Water Slide

Practical information

Opening hours
This destination is open all year round.


The destination is staffed
Staff are available during this destination’s opening hours.


We are a completely cash-free destination. We of course accept all standard debit and credit cards.


The store is gradually filled up during the spring to offer its full range during the summer season.

Opening hours

2 January8 May