Play golf in Kolmården

Play golf in Kolmården
Around the campsite in Kolmården there are two nice golf courses within 40 km distance, Bråviken Golf Course and Ingelsta Golf.

Invid Bråviken and on the opposite side of Kolmårdens Wildlife Park is Bråviken Golf Club. The course has a changing character where it changes between park fluctuations, strong seaside character and an exciting path along the road to the zoo. There are both 27-hole courses and 9-hole short courses and a free course for the kids to play at.

At Ingelsta Golf there is a nice 12-hole course, which is a mix of seaside, park and forest character with fast, even greens. The course stretches around a large area of Ingelsta in varied environments with many fun challenges. It takes less than 20 minutes to go to the club from the campsite.

Bråvikens Golfbana

Ingelsta Golf