Museums in Boden

Museums in Boden

With a solid military history and a rich modern cultural life, there is always something for those interested in culture and history to see. Here are four tips for some exciting places to visit:


For over 100 years, the historic listed building served as a place for storing feed for the Swedish Armed Forces’ horses. Now the building, Havremagasinet – Regional Art Gallery is where exhibitions rooted in local cultural history are put on display, in addition to some Nordic and international contemporary art exhibitions. The building also has a cafe for those who wish to have a cup of coffee and a pastry. Read more about Havremagasinet – Regional Art Gallery here.


Defence Museum, Boden

Come along on a thrilling journey into Swedish military history from the end of the 19th century to the present. With war, peace and everything in between. An exciting museum visit awaits! The museum even has a cafe and a lovely shop. Read more about the Defence Museum, Boden here.


Forsbergs G:a handelsbod

You are welcome to pay a visit to the grocer’s shop in Gunnarsbyn. Here, time has stood still since 1934. Guided tours of the building are available, and you can listen to the fantastic story about the building and those who lived and worked there over the years. There is space in the garden for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Read more about Forsbergs G:a handelsbod here.


Boden Fortress and the Rödberget Fortress

Visit Boden Fortress. One of Sweden’s most elaborate fortifications. You should also take the opportunity to visit the Rödberget Fortress, which was the last part of the fortress to remain in use. Read more about Boden Fortress here.