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Privacy policy last updated 2024.07.04

The Privacy Policy below applies United Camping Holding AB (org. no.: 559082-2523), which owns camping destinations, which are referred to below as First Camp, We, Our or Us. Our privacy policy explains how we use personal information about you that we collect when you use our website, our app, register with us or order our services or products.

At First Camp we offer our guests the joy of camping, from Luleå in the north of Sweden to Rømø in the south of Denmark, and our goal is to give our guests the very best holiday memories. At First Camp we have always safeguarded our guests’ individual privacy and securely handling the information that is shared is of the utmost importance to us. We want you the customer to be safe in the knowledge that your information is secure with us, and to inform you how it is used to provide you with a better, more inspiring and unforgettable camping holiday. If you have any questions about data protection and privacy, you can send us an e-mail at

All personal data is processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (”GDPR”). First Camp only processes your personal data if there are legal grounds for doing so. This includes fulfilling an agreement with you or the balancing of interests. If we request your consent to process personal data it will be for a specific purpose. You can withdraw your consent at any time and we will stop processing your personal data provided that we are under no legal obligation to do so or if there are any other applicable legal grounds for the continued processing.

When you use First Camp’s services (e.g. our mobile app First Camp or our websites) or contact us, you approve our Privacy Policy and that we process your personal data. You also approve that First Camp uses digital communication channels to communicate with you and to send you information. Please read through this policy before you use our services.

  1. What information about you do we collect?

We collect information about you when you register with us, place an order or become a member of our customer loyalty programme. We also collect information when you take part in customer surveys and give us feedback, when you visit our website or use the First Camp mobile app (“First Camp App”). We collect information about website use and use of First Camp App using cookies, analysis tools and tracking pixels. The purpose of processing your personal data is to deliver our products and services to you, inform you about our services and offers and in general respects fulfil our undertakings to you. We also use your information to be able to communicate with you when you contact us or when we are obligated by law to retain the information. All the information that we collect or that you provide to us is used for the purposes and with the support of the legal grounds that are stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

Registering an account or placing an order: In order to register an account with us or place an order we need to collect your full name, contact details and the country you live in. We process this information to fulfil our agreements with you for the purpose of keeping your account up-to-date, delivering our products, marketing and informing you about our services and offers, creating invoices and handling any returns or warranty claims. When processing of personal data no longer serves its purpose, we erase the information that is no longer needed. If part of the information constitutes accounting data it will be retained for 5 or 7 years in accordance with accounting practices legislation.

Processing payments and credit: When processing payments with charge cards or via a credit arrangement we share your information with a third party for processing the payment or application for credit. We process this information to fulfil our agreement with you for the purpose of completing the payments for our products or services. We only receive some of the information back from the third party and we only process this information in order to confirm payment of the product or service you have ordered. All data that is collected directly by a third party as part of the payment or credit arrangement is controlled by the third party. We only retain the personal identity number that we transfer to a third party until the service or product has been delivered. For information about your rights as regards data that is handled by a third party where the third party is the Data Controller, please refer to the third party’s confidentiality policy. Before you send data to a third party via us, we inform you which third party is responsible for the service you are using and provide links to the third party’s   confidentiality policy.

Customer loyalty programme: When you register for membership in our loyalty programme, we register your name and your contact details that are connected with your membership and purchase history. The purpose of the registration is to allow us to deliver a service to you (membership of our loyalty programme) and provide marketing and information about our services and offers, whereupon the legal grounds are the execution of a contract and a weighing of interests. We save your personal details as long as you are a member of our loyalty programme. If you terminate your membership we will erase your personal data but retain information about the purchases you have made from us. If the membership has been inactive for 36 months it will be terminated (activity feres to a booking or any other interaction with us e.g. click in email).

When you take part in promotions, competitions and customer surveys as part of our customer loyalty programme, we process your contact details and answers in order to follow up on promotions, competitions and customer surveys.

Marketing updates: The legal grounds for processing your personal information for marketing are a weighing of interests or consent. If you have consented to receive marketing updates from us we store your e-mail address, phone number, address and full name based on your consent for this purpose until you opt out of our marketing communication or withdraw your consent. If you withdraw your consent we keep your contact information for an additional 3 months for possible fault tracing purposes, but no more mailshots will be sent after we have registered the withdrawal of your consent.

First Camp’s website: When you visit our website you consent that we register information about how you use the website and we collect data about your use and your connection to the website, e.g. what browser you are using, your IP address, which website you used to find our website, operating system/platform, how long you spent at our website, what parts of the website you visited and cookies. We also collect information about your use, e.g. choice of camp site. We collect this information so that we can administrate our website, improve your user experience and protect our website from unauthorised access.

Website monitoring: We monitor activity on our website in order to identify any errors, improve the user’s experience and for fraud prevention. We anonymise information that we have processed for periods of more than 12 months.

First Camp App: When you install and use the First Camp App we collect data about you to simplify your visits to us and to inform you about updated agreements, new promotions and new services from First Camp. The registration allows us to deliver a service to you or provide marketing and information about our services and offers (for customer loyalty members) and the legal ground for the personal data processing is contract or a weighing of interests. You need to register an account with us in order to use all the functions in the First Camp App. We store and process your personal data as long as you have an account with us. If you terminate your account we will erase your personal data but retain information about the purchases you have made from us. If you let us follow you via First Camp App by collecting location data from your mobile device, you will have access to location-based services such as navigation to and information about the nearest camp site and local offers. This allows us to simplify your visit to us and keep you up-to-date about what’s going on at First Camp. The information may also be used for the development of new products and services and to give you offers that are relevant to you. Location-based services require that you consent to location sharing via your mobile device. You can switch off location services at any time on your mobile device.

Location data is anonymised and non-portable and we do not save location data for longer than is necessary to provide full functionality. The legal ground for processing location data is consent.

First Camp’s digital channels, e.g. the website and First Camp App: When you use First Camp’s website, First Camp App or any of our other digital channels, we may collect information about:

  • Payment information: including confirmation of completed payments (charge card data is not stored by First Camp and is only processed by our bank and payment service providers in accordance with the personal data processing terms that apply for these services).
  • Bookings and purchase history: Details about bookings or purchases you have made from us.
  • Information about how you use and interact with the website or First Camp App, e.g. how you use the service, response times, download errors, cancelled purchases, etc.
  • Information about the device you use, IP address, device ID, operating system, screen resolution, etc.

The legal ground for this processing is consent or the weighing of interests.

Customer reviews: Contact details that are shared with a third party for quality surveys and customer reviews are handled for our legitimate interest for this purpose only and are not shared with a third party for marketing purposes.

Contact with us: when you contact us by phone, website, social media, our other digital channels (e.g. when you register an account in our mobile app) or contact our staff directly with a question about one of our products or services, provide feedback about a visit to any of our destinations, or for general information from us or other matter, and you provide your contact details such as your name, phone number, e-mail address, postal address, we process this data in order to handle your matter, customer service and to fulfil our obligation to you. We process the personal data that we have received as part of a customer service matter for our legitimate interests in order to maintain good customer service, for follow-ups and feedback to you for as long as necessary for the above purposes.

Social media: Information that is transferred to us via the social media is subject to the confidentiality policy of the platform supplier (e.g. Facebook or Instagram). We moderate the content of posts and remove any posts that are non-GDPR compliant or violate other laws. If a post on the social media becomes a customer service matter, the information is processed by us in accordance with the above policy for contacts with customer service.

We are the controller of all your personal data that we collect from you, except for data that is provided directly to a third party when you use a charge card or for data that is provided by a third party when you make a purchase on credit. If you have any questions about how they process your details you need to contact the data controller of the third party or read the third party’s confidentiality policy.

Data from other sources: We may supplement the above-mentioned information with information from other sources, in conjunction with advertising, for example. We may also obtain information from a payment service provider when you make a purchase on the website, First Camp App or our other digital channels in order to confirm payment of ordered goods.

Camera surveillance: First Camp collects personal data in the form of image captures from the use of cameras at some of our camp sites. The purpose is risk management, crime prevention and investigation and the legal ground is the weighing of interests.

  1. How do we use the information we collect?

We collect information about you to process your order, manage your account, provide a good experience for you during your visit and to send you e-mail, SMS or other electronic communication containing information about other products and services that we believe may be of interest to you.

We use information collected from the website to personalise your visits to our website for a better user experience and for marketing purposes. With your consent, we can pass on your personal data to our partners to allow them to offer you their products and services.

First Camp will not share your information for marketing purposes with companies outside the First Camp group, with the exception for information shared in conjunction with marketing on social media. In processing your order, we may send your details to, and also use information from, credit rating agencies, redeemers of card payments and fraud prevention agencies. First Camp also shares your personal data with First Camp’s IT service providers that First Camp uses for the operation of its IT systems e.g. storage, operation and support providers. These providers are First Camp’s Data Processors and they process personal data in accordance with First Camp’s instructions in accordance with a separate agreement. Information that has been gathered by surveillance cameras will be provided to the police or public prosecutors only, after express written request as part of an investigation into a crime or suspected crime.

  1. Marketing

If you join our loyalty programmes, or one of Our customers, we may send marketing and information about our services and offers that we deem to be of interest to you via SMS, e-mail or other digital communication, including advertising on the social media. If you have expressly consented to receive specific marketing from us, such as newsletters, you can at any time opt out of such marketing communication. If you no longer wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, you can send an e-mail to or use the opt-out link that you will find in all our mailshots.

First Camp First Camp will not share your information for marketing purposes with companies outside the First Camp group.

  1. Other websites

First Camp’s services may contain links to other websites and services that are outside our control, and which are not subject to this policy. The operators of these websites may collect information from you that will be used by them in accordance with their privacy policy, which may differ from ours. If you have any questions about how they process your details you need to contact the data controller of the third party or read the third party’s confidentiality policy.

  1. Cookies and tracking

Read our cookie policy here.

  1. Other websites and services

Our website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to this website, which means that when you follow a link to other websites you should read the Privacy Policies that apply on those websites.

  1. How do we store and protect your data?

We use administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your personal data against accidental destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access or other handling that is incompatible with GDPR. We strive to maintain a security level that is appropriate to the type of personal data that we process. This means that the level of protection is higher for information related to bookings and financial transactions compared with, for example, contact details for administrating an e-mailing list.

We restrict access to your personal information to employees who need access to them to fulfil our obligations. Suppliers and others who perform services on our behalf have access to the data to the extent necessary for their assignments and are subject to confidentiality agreement in accordance with data processing agreements.

We take reasonable measures to securely destroy or permanently de-identify personal data when we no longer need it. We only store your information for as long as necessary according to legal processing grounds and only as long as necessary for delivering our services and fulfilling our obligations, unless the information needs to be processed for a longer period in accordance with laws and regulations or for any legal disputes or public authority investigations in accordance with our debt collection services.

If the processing is based on your consent, we only process information until your consent is withdrawn. Irrespective of this, we may continue to process your personal data if it is necessary, for a defined period, to fulfil legal obligations and to safeguard our legal interests in the event of a dispute.

  1. Where do we process your personal data?

We and our Data Processors handle your personal data inside the EU/EEA with the exception for data processed in conjunction with marketing via the social media.

  1. Amendments to our Privacy Policy

First Camp reserves the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time insofar as it is necessary due to a change in data processing practices, to remedy operational disruptions or to fulfil new legal or technical requirements. All amendments to this privacy policy will be published on this website. This privacy policy was last updated on 13 December 2023.

  1. Confidentiality

First Camp takes reasonable precautions to protect your personal data. First Camp cannot, however, be held liable for any loss or disclosure of details or for loss or damage that arises due to transfer errors, unauthorised or unlawful handling or your decision to disclose your personal data.

  1. Your rights

As we process your personal data, you have certain rights pursuant to GDPR. You are entitled to request:

–                access to your personal information;

–                that incorrect or incomplete personal data is corrected;

–                the deletion of personal data

–                the limiting of continued processing of your personal data;

–                your objection to the processing of your personal data

–                withdrawing your consent

–                data portability

If you wish to exercise your rights as above, you shall request it in writing, contact details below, and provide your name, address and e-mail address. First Camp may request you to verify your identity with a bankID or other ID document,

First Camp will promptly respond to the requests mentioned above, and we will reply within 30 days from the date we received the request.

  1. How to contact us

If we do not approve your request for any reason, you can Contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) via email at

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or information we hold about you. Contat our Data Controller at:

If you wish to update your contact details or ask about your stay, please contact our customer service for prompt, convenient service.

First Camp Data Privacy Office: Adam Fall

First Camp Sverige AB
Erik Dahlbergsallén 15
115 20 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)771-101 200