Aktivitet cykeluthyrning

För naturälskaren

Vackra vandringsleder, magiska mossar eller himmelska bad. Vad vill du uppleva i naturen idag? I närheten finns perfekta miljöer för härliga naturupplevelser, bland lummig grönska och vidsträckta vyer. Här är våra guldkorn för äventyr i det fria.

On your bike!

To lovers of cycling, this area is a dream. Many excellent cycle paths exist across the area – starting at the gates of the camp site! There is for example the East Coast / West Coast route all the way to Skagen.

Another once-in-a-lifetime ride is over the heath behind Råbjerg Mile. Enjoy the peace, listen to birds and feel part of the moment. No cars will interrupt your journey, though large ships may be seen close by.

Read more about cycling paths

Bring your bike, or rent one to see the area from a different perspective!

1 dag90 kr
2 dagar170 kr
3 dagar240 kr
4 dagar300 kr
1 vecka375 kr
2 veckor595 kr
3 veckor795 kr

Ut på Out on the ‘Grenen’ spit

Two seas meet at Denmark’s most northerly point: the Skagerrak and the Kattegat. Many tourists are keen to try standing in the water, one foot in each sea.

To reach the point, one takes a half-hour stroll through some awe-inspiring landscape before feeling soft sand underfoot. Another way is to hail the Sandworm ‘train’, whose tractor pulls a carriage back and forth throughout the day.

Read more about Grenen here:

www.naturturist.dk – Nature Tourist North Jutland: Grenen

www.naturstyrelsen.dk – The Danish Woodland and Nature Agency: Grenen

www.vejretiskagen.dk – see the current weather for Grenen!

www.sandormen.dk – Take the Sandormen train (Sandworm) train out to the tip of Grenen and see nature from the front row.