Our waterpark

Welcome to a water park full of exciting facilities and lots of fun. In our indoor water park, we have heated the water to 28° C and the air to 31° C, so summer is here every day regardless of the season! That is why our water park is one of the most popular on Funen.


We are one of the few campsites that have both an indoor and outdoor water park. There are slides in several sizes and different water depths at 30 cm, 70 cm and 127 cm, which allows for many hours of fun entertainment for both young and old. It is also possible to celebrate your birthday in our water park. Get rid of the hassle at home and invite your mates to a fun experience they’ll talk about for a long time afterwards.


Opening hours

We open our pools again in the spring/summer 2024, welcome back!

Prices and generel info

  • Staying guests: Free access
  • Non-staying guests: Please talk to the reception

Due to the water park's fixed capacity, you also have to pay to enter, even if you are not going to swim.
During the school summer holidays (weeks 26 – 32), our indoor and outdoor water park is reserved for campsite guests.

Rules and regulartions

Use of the water park and associated facilities is at your own risk.

Violation of the rules of order results in expulsion.

Rules of order

  • It is NOT permitted to bring your own food and drinks into the water park.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the water park.
  • The staff's instructions must always be followed.
  • Before using the facility's facilities, the entire body must be washed.
  • Only wet and washed hair is allowed into the water park. This also applies when using a shower cap.
  • The water park assumes no responsibility for guests' belongings, even if they are locked up.
  • Shaving is not permitted in the changing rooms.


  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult into the changing and bathing area of the opposite gender.


Children in nappies must use a nappy + swimming trunks/suit. We also accept neoprene swim diapers.
We only allow access with Happy Nappies or other neoprene nappies.

Generel behavior

  • Behavior contrary to Danish law will result in a police report.
  • Conduct resulting in destruction of the facility's buildings or fixtures will result in a claim for damages.


  • Shaving tools, hemp sponges etc. may not be used in the sauna. Do not pour water etc. in the sauna.
  • After toilet visits and sauna visits, washing must be done again.


An unwashed person pollutes 200 times as much as a washed person. In numbers, this corresponds to 3 kg of bacteria and dirt per unwashed person per year.

Personal hygiene

  • To help reduce the consumption of chemicals in the pools in the bathing water, good personal hygiene is important before using the swimming pools, it is a contributing factor to minimizing consumption and preserving water quality.
  • The body is constantly producing bacteria, which is why washing - just before using the pool - is required.
  • Skin fat, hair, urine, faeces and sweat contribute to more chlorine being used in the water, this can be remedied with a thorough washing - with particular attention to hair, armpits and crotch - before using the swimming pools.
  • Therefore, a new wash is also necessary after toilet visits and sunbathing.
  • In addition, guests themselves can help ensure that only clean swimwear is used in the swimming pool and that sunscreen and face make-up are removed before bathing.
  • People with long hair should rinse their hair extra thoroughly before using the system.
  • A person with dry, loose hair loses approx. 90 hairs per day.

Water quality

  • The content of bound and free chlorine in the water is measured once a day, and at the same time the water's Ph value is also measured.
  • The measurement values for bound and free chlorine have a maximum value from the Environment Agency - if these are exceeded - the pool must be closed and can only be opened when the chlorine measurements are again within the permitted limits.

Cleaning of the facility

  • Cleaning of swimming pools, bathrooms, saunas, toilets etc. can only happen outside of opening hours, this is done once a day. In addition, there is cleaning throughout the day in the changing areas and in the toilets - just as the bathrooms and the water park are flushed as needed.
  • Every morning before the water park opens, the pools are vacuumed, that is, the bottom of the pool is cleaned.