We always recommend pre-ordering, but it is not a requirement.
We welcome drop-in guests, but can not guarantee available capacity.


At Hasmark Strand Camping we offer a great camping vacation for the whole family.


You can choose between 5 different pitch categories:


Diamond pitches are our biggest pitches. They have water, drain and cable tv on every pitch. Here is access to our luxury sanitary facilities, where you are able to rent your own family room. The diamond pitches are light blue and have the numbers 500 – 528 on the campsite map.


Platinum pitches are blue on the campsite map. They all have water, drain as well as cable tv. In the platinum area you have access to our 5 starred sanitary facilities and several small playgrounds, which gives the smaller children the possibilty to play just outside their own caravan.


Gold pitches are the yellow pitches on the campsite map. All pitches have water, drain and cable tv. The pitches are sorrounded by hedges.


Silver pitches are the grey pitches on the campsite map. The silver pitches are popular as they are located right next to etc. the sanitary building, our biggest playground or the beach.


Bronze pitches are the brown pithes on the campsite map. They all have electricity and are placed close to the biggest of our playgrounds, sanitary bulding or the beach.


Not just an ordinary campsite
Besides our pitches we offer nice facilities for both adults and children.


For example our water park is very popular – both the indoor and the outdoor waterpark. The beach is very close to the campsite and we often arrange activities for the childen. This could be football at the football pitch, or indoor activites in the creative workshop.


You are never bored at Hasmark Strand Camping!


If you wish to learn more about the prices, please see our prices and offers.


We are looking forward to see you!


At Hasmark Strand, we have good options if you are camping in a motorhome. We have several pitches that are large, where there is certainly room for your motorhome, while at the same time we comply with the safety rules. It is also easy to hook up with electricity at these places. We hope you find it easy to camp with us – even when you are in a motorhome!


As a tenter, you enjoy nature in a very special way - and with us, your tented holiday gets a touch of luxury. We offer nice toilet and bathroom facilities, good washing facilities, as well as nice kitchen facilities that make your tent holiday much easier.

CEE plugs must be used for power connection on site. Adapter from regular 220v to CEE can be borrowed at reception. (Limited number of). We recommend bringing a cable of at least 5 meters.

The service buildings make camping holidays easier

In the middle of the square, just behind the Viking castle, is our service building. At the front of the building there is an entrance to 2 large, spacious toilet sections, where there are plenty of showers, sinks and toilets. On the sides of the building we have large, lovely family rooms, disabled facilities and changing rooms for the little ones. Behind is our kitchen, where, in addition to hobs and sinks, there are also microwaves for popcorn or other things and regular ovens. Just outside the kitchen, there is a cozy dining nook, where you can enjoy the prepared food or barbecue with friends and family. It is also in this building that the space has a laundry room where there are washing machines and dryers, as well as table space for folding clothes.

Season pitches

Enjoy the whole season at one of Denmark's best and most family-friendly campsites

When you visit First Camp Hasmark Strand, we have made an extra effort to create the best setting for your stay.

Regardless of whether you are looking for activities or relaxation, we are ready to fulfill your wishes. For the active, we have, for example, an indoor and outdoor water park, six playgrounds and a football pitch. We also have bike hire, so you can take a ride around the beautiful nature of North Funen. If, on the other hand, you are more into relaxation and self-pampering, you can take a trip to our spa area with hot tub and sauna.

With a seasonal place with us, you can also benefit from:

  • Applies to up to 6 people in the same household
  • Free access to indoor water park
  • Free access to outdoor pool
  • Free discount booklet with good offers and discounts. Including:
  • Give a 10% discount on camping to your friends.
  • Treat your children, grandchildren, the children's friends, the children of friends or yourself to free ice cream.
  • Get a 50% discount on an overnight stay at all First Camp destinations in Denmark.
  • Play a free round or two of miniature golf.
  • When ordering an optional main course from our bistro, you will also receive 1 free Yessi's Summer Dream dessert.
  • Free shower
  • Free use of service buildings incl. Hot water, ovens, hobs etc.
  • Free activity program incl. Yessi's children's club for both young and old campers
  • Events reserved for seasonal guests – including:
  • Parties reserved for seasonal guests
  • Pigroast parties
  • Pool party
  • Bingo
  • Social dining and much more

The above is just a small glimpse into what you, as a seasonal guest, can expect in the future. Have we captured your interest - but are you not completely convinced? You are very welcome to call us, or perhaps stop by the campsite, look at the facilities and get answers to some of your questions. In addition, you can also sign up to our free interest list - after which we will contact you if we get a free place.

Please note that opening hours for pools, water parks, swimming pools may vary. We reserve the right to make changes and adjustments depending on supply, demand, season, wind and weather. If you want to bring a dog, this costs a small extra supplement.

Prices and periods

All prices on this page are stated in DKK.

Expenses for electricity

The price for the season agreement is excl. electricity. On most sites, an electricity package must be purchased at the start of the season. The guest must therefore choose how much electricity is expected to be used during the season. At the same time, most places provide an electricity meter, from which any additional electricity costs are read, after the end of the rental period. Electricity costs that are not part of an electricity package must be paid by the guest at check-out at the latest. Additional meters have been installed on individual sites, so that an additional electricity meter is not necessary. Payment is still made according to current consumption. Possibly lower electricity consumption compared to the purchased electricity package is not refunded.

Season pitch (summer season)

Prices in DKK
Summer season 2024
22 March – 22 October
Power connection / meter rental0,-
Extra adult1.000,-
Extra child700,-
Floor storage995,-

Payment: 1st installment of DKK 2,000 is paid when ordering. The remaining amount (2nd installment) is paid no later than 30 days before the start of the season.

Spring and autumn pitches

CategorySpring pitch 2024
22 March – 23 June
Autumn pitch 2024
11 August – 20 October
Power connection / meter rental0,-0,-
Extra adult500,-500,-
Extra child350,-350,-

Payment: 1st installment of DKK 2,000 is paid when ordering. The remaining amount (2nd installment) is paid no later than 30 days before the start of the season.

Winter Pitch (Winter Season)

CategoryWinter pitch 23/24
22 October – 5 March
Strømtilslutning / målerleje0,-
Ekstra voksen500,-
Ekstra barn350,-

Payment: 1st installment of DKK 1,000 is paid when ordering. The remaining amount (2nd installment) is paid no later than 30 days before the start of the season.

Power packages / Electricity

Power is purchased in a package at the start of the season. Power packs always follow the specific booking. Possibly. excess/unused kWh cannot be carried over to new bookings. Contact us for further information.