Set up to move during your time at the campsite, there are great opportunities for it both in the area and nearby.

Circle training

Strain strength and energy this summer with our circle training session. A fun, effective workout with different stations where we work through the whole body. Everyone can participate regardless of the training level. Only open during the summer.


We make movements that counteract stress, back problems and tense neck & seat muscles. Yoga mats are available on site. Come if you want to give your body a great start to the day. Everyone can join us! Only open during the summer.

Canoe and Kayak

Discover the beautiful nature around Gränna, rent a canoe or a kayak. Read more in the link.

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Gränna MTB-bana

Do you like cycling MTB? Discover the popular MTB-bana in Gränna!

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Hiking and running

The area near Gränna – Vättern invites you to nice trails for both hiking and running.

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Cycling trails

In Gränna there are fantastic trails and bike rides that you can experience and get around on two wheels.

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Take the opportunity to visit Gränna Golf Club during your visit!

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Hiking and running

Our immediate surroundings offer great opportunities for spending an entire day walking through beautiful nature and taking in stunning views. The area around Gränna has lots of amazing hiking trails to discover. Feel free to ask for maps and tips at the reception office.

Psst, don’t forget:

– A packed lunch
– A coffee thermos
– Your hiking shoes

John Bauerleden Trail

The John Bauerleden Trail was named after the artist John Bauer. The trail passes old cottages, the remains of a monastery, streams, and the village of Röttle.

Holavedsleden Trail

The Holavedsleden Trail, one of Småland’s oldest, runs through a forest landscape past selions and lakes. This trail offers plenty of beautiful views.

Hallebyleden Trail

The Hallebyleden Trail runs between the Klämmestorp Mill and the Hallby Cottage, along Dunkehallaån River and through forest.

Franciskusleden Trail

The Franciskusleden Trail runs through a beautiful landscape near Lake Vättern.

Biosphere Trail Uppgränna

This trail consists of two circular loops and can be found north of Gränna. Hike through lush greenery, cultivated land, lovely farms, and Uppgränna Village, and enjoy wonderful views of Lake Vättern and Visingsö Island! 

Huskvarnabergen Nature Reserve

The Huskvarnabergen Nature Reserve offers one of the greatest views of Huskvarna and Jönköping.

Röttle Nature Reserve

Röttle Village is a quiet and scenic area by Röttleån River. Hike among mills, waterfalls, and a lovely guest harbour! 

Naturreservat Röttle

Röttle by är ett lugnt och naturskönt område vid Röttleån. Här vandrar du bland kvarnar, vattenfall och en småbåtshamn! 

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Västanå Nature Reserve

Choose to hike from pinelands to lush deciduous forest. In the northern part of the reserve, the Röttleån River flows through a deep ravine.

Mount Grännaberget

Mount Grännaberget offers plenty of beautiful views of Lake Vättern, Gränna, and Visingsö Island. At the top, you will find a coffee house (open during summer) that is well worth a visit!


Regardless of whether you want an active or a relaxing day, we have local activities to suit you. At Gränna – Vättern, you have the chance to enjoy winter at its greatest. You have nature, skiing tracks, and several other fun winter activities right nearby. Not far from us are also candy cane cookeries that are open all year round!


Within a short car ride are the Järabacken and the Strutsabacken slopes. Perfect for downhill skiing for the whole family!

Cross Country

There are several local trails to choose from if weather permits. Some facilities have groomed trails, and several of them offer multiple trails.


Once the ice is strong enough, our lakes offer wonderful skating opportunities.


Once the snow arrives, there are lots of hills perfect for tobogganing.

Peppermint Candy Canes

Many of our cookeries are open all year round! The perfect winter activity for everyone with a sweet tooth.


Gränna offers great fishing opportunities all year round.