Gränna - Vättern


There is a wide range of restaurants near the campsite, by the harbour as well as in the quaint town. Here are some tips:


Laxstugan – serves everything from fish and seafood to meat dishes

Pir Kro – serves everything from pizza to traditional Swedish food.

Tzatziki – serves Hungarian mixed grill (“plankstek”) and grilled chicken, among other things.

Brasserie bryggan – serves everything from Hungarian mixed grill to fish.

Hamnkrogen – serves shrimp and salmon buffet, seafood, and fish, but also hamburgers.


There are also several ice cream kiosks: 

Strandterrassen – Ice gream bar with lots of different flavours

Amalias glasscafé – Swedish-made ice cream with lots of flavours

Pir Kro glassbar – Ice cream cones, soft serve, and desert ice cream.