A journey through time

All around us there are exciting remnants left by our forefathers. Magnificent monuments, mysterious structures and other spectacular sights are never far away. Are you interested in exploring captivating locations and our cultural and historical heritage? Let us guide you on your next journey through time!


There is lots to do in and around Gränna – Vättern. Find your favourite sights here.

Discover the historic fairy-tale island in the middle of Lake Vättern

According to legend, Visingsö Island was created when Vist the Giant threw a tuft of grass into Lake Vättern to give his lady something to step on. And just like it did a thousand years ago, the tuft is still buzzing with life today! Enjoy ancient relics, beautiful nature, art, and much more!

350 metres from the campsite

Discover Gränna from new perspectives

Strolling down cobbled streets among picturesque wooden houses, inhaling the scent of peppermint from Gränna’s many candy cane shops is hard to beat, but this town has, in fact, so much more to offer. This place is surrounded by beautiful nature reserves full of life, and when moving around in the deep and magical forests, it’s easy to see why John Bauer found much of his fairy-tale inspiration right here.

Peppermint candy canes in Gränna

Gränna is, after all, home to the peppermint candy cane, so a stroll along the candy cane streets is a must! You will find every flavour combination imaginable to bring with you home. And why not visit one of the candy cane makers to see the production process live? 

Grenna Museum

What can be better on a grey and rainy day than to walk around a museum? Grenna Museum is located only 1.3 km from the campsite! 

The Apple Valley

Experience the Toscana of Småland! A truly quaint destination that suits young and old campers alike. 

Magical boat rides

How about a boat ride among magical forest and stunning nature? Bring the whole family and enjoy a great adventure! 

See Gränna from a hot air balloon

If Gränna is a great town on land, then just imagine the views from a hot air balloon! Be sure to take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy magical views of the entire town. Views you will never forget. 

Kolmården Zoo

Kolmården Zoo is a very popular destination during both summer and winter. See and visit with exciting animals, step into the World of Bamse, the World’s Strongest Bear, or why not go on a safari? 

Astrid Lindgren’s World

This is a safe bet for every young family. Visit Astrid Lindgren’s World and peek into the life of Pippi Longstocking. Or why not visit Karlsson-on-the-Roof? This is a visit we can strongly recommend! 

High Chaparal

An action-packed adventure – cowboy style! High Chaparal is very popular for young families as well as groups of friends. 

Björkenäs Moped and Motorcycle Museum

Do you love vehicles and want to learn more? Then you need to visit the Björkenäs Moped and Motorcycle Museum! Learn all there is to know about the vehicles, see cool makes, and enjoy your visit!

Cycling in Gränna

In our local area you will find good opportunities to get around a day on two wheels and experience fantastic nature and views.

Psst, don’t forget:

– Water bottle
– Extra hose
– Pump

Vireda Uppgränna

Cycle on lovely paved roads and experience fantastic views.

Route 1: 81 km
Route 2: 48 km

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Vireda Svarttorp

Cycle on lovely paved roads and experience fantastic views.

Route 1: 68 km
Route 2: 46 km
Route 3: 30 km

Pass to visit Apple Musteriet in Ölmstad and Lanthandeln Krysset on your bike ride.

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Harvest festival in Apple Valley – Smålands Tuscany

The first Saturday in September, Apple Valley opens up for the annual Harvest Festival.
Follow fruit safaris, enjoy one of the cozy farm cafés and find new interior details for the home.

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