The Dalastuga Cabin sleeps 4 people. These cabins have varying floorplans but the same number of beds and furnishings. The square metre varies from 11 sqm to 20 sqm. All cabins have one room with two bunk beds. Duvets and pillows are supplied for all beds. There is a dining area and TV. There is no toilet, shower, or kitchen in the cabin. These can be found in the nearby service building. The cabin has a refrigerator, but bring your own kitchenware. Cabin 50 is 12 sqm. Cabins 56, 57, and 69 are 15 sqm. Cabin 61 is 11 sqm. Cabin 63 and 64 is 14 sqm. Cabin 66 is 20 sqm. If you wish to see the floor plans of the cabins, please select a specific cabin when booking.


The actual cabins may vary somewhat from the photos.


4 Beds
1 Room(s)


Cleaning equipment
Handicap ramp
Pets allow
Smoking forbidden
Near playground
Near the beach
Near the service block
Parking next to the cabin.