Luleå On Ice

The ice rink is located in the heart of the city and offers a unique opportunity to enjoy winter sports and at the same time take part in the vibrant city pulse. As a visitor, you have the opportunity to rent ice hockey equipment and participate in games, or just skate and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can get around with a pram, wheelchair, bicycle, skates, kicks or take a lovely walk. The ice rink stretches all the way from the northern harbor to the southern harbor and is just over 10 kilometers long. However, this varies each winter depending on how the temperature has been. Welcome to experience one of Luleå’s most well-known tourist destinations, with thousands of visitors every year.


The track is also a central part of Luleå On Ice, which is a winter festival organized every year, read more about this year’s event below!

Luleå On Ice

18-28 February 2023

Luleå on Ice is a fantastic event that attracts people from all over the world! The event brightens the winter darkness with competitions, music and activities for all ages. This year, even more events and races are organized during the Dutch skating competition Schaatsen Luleå.

Visit Gråsjälören

The ice rink stretches to Gråsjälören, which is a small island a stone's throw from the southern harbor of Luleå. During the winter, the local association sells waffles, coffee and other snacks. There is also a heating cabin and barbecue area if you would rather bring your own picnic. A warm welcome for a visit!

How do you know if it's open? Make sure the flag is raised!