Nydala - Umeå

Winter in Umeå

Is there anything better than the sound of boots crunching in the snow? Or the feeling created by a pair of newly waxed skis? Allow yourself to be captivated by a sparkling winter landscape. Breathe in the crispy fresh air, discover unexplored powder and warm yourself in the winter sunshine. Here are a couple of tips for anyone who, like us, simply loves everything to do with winter.

Dog sledding in Umeå

Go dog sledding in Umeå and discover the wild nature in northern Sweden! Here you go full speed through forests, mountains and untouched nature with man’s best friend. Depending on the organizer, there are different lengths on the dog sledding tours, ranging from short trips to a mile or a whole day.

Dog sledding in autumn and winter

Driving a dog sled is not only a winter activity, it also fits well in autumn when the air is fresh and the nature is magically colored in orange and red. During autumn you are using a cart so it doesn’t have to be winter and snow on the ground. The most common time period when the kennels arrange tours are from early September to Easter.

Website: Visit Umeå – Hundspann

Skiing in Umeå

If you are staying at First Camp Nydala-Umeå during winter, there are several ski resorts close to Umeå that you can travel to by car, season from December to April. The ski resorts have well-prepared slopes with different difficulty levels suitable for the whole family, both adults and children. Here you will find the ones closest to the campsite, and on Visit Umeå’s website you can find more ski facilities in the area.


Omberget has two runs, one of which is adapted for snowboarding with jumps, railes and boxes. The resort is located just off the coast, about 20 minutes by car from the campsite. The facility has a button lift and a lift cabin where you have the opportunity to rent snowboards, as well as buy sweets and drinks. A room is also available at the facility, where you can enjoy your own food.


Try the slopes where Maria PH started her career just 3km from First Camp Nydala-Umeå. Bräntberget is suitable for families with children and has big jumps, rails, sledge slopes and public areas for both young and old. Bräntberget has a fall height of 48 meters and the longest slope is 260 meters.


Kassjöbacken is a ski resort just outside Umeå (25km) with two lifts, two slopes and a fall height of 99 meters. Kassjöbacken is a nice facility that fits perfectly for the family. At Kassjöbacken you can buy food, coffee, soft drinks and sandwiches. There is also a 3 km long electric light track in the area for those who want to go cross country skis instead of downhill.