Aktivitet bastu


Take a deep breath, lean back and enjoy some peace and quiet in the sauna. Spend some time relaxing on your own or in the company of family or good friends. An easy way to make a great day even better, and the perfect tonic for both body and soul!

Ansia – Lycksele

First Camp Ansia – Lycksele is a lovely premium destination in northern Sweden. Ansia is a family campsite in the true sense of the word, with its own beach and several playgrounds for children.

Duse Udde – Säffle

Welcome to our campsite Duse Udde outside Säffle! Here, we offer everything from culture and history to activities and adventures of all kinds.

Solvik – Kungshamn

Not many things compare to the sea view from First Camp Solvik – Kungshamn. Here you camp royally with Bohuslän and Best Coast at your feet.

Västerås - Mälaren

Västerås – Mälaren

Picturesque First Camp Västerås – Mälaren is beautifully located right by Lake Mälaren. Here you can enjoy a modern destination with many amenities in relaxing surroundings for the whole family. For those longing for an extra touch of luxury, there is also a relaxation area with a sauna. In addition, the site has a service shop and our First Camp Bistro.

Mölle – Höganäs

Mölle has been attracting tourists even since the term “tourist” was coined at the end of the 17th century. When staying on our campsite in Mölle, you can enjoy magnificent nature experiences, excursions, and exciting activities such as climbing, diving and snorkelling – or peaceful forest walks if that’s more your speed. The 10th century church of Brunnby, Kullaberg’s Caves, or porpoise safari are only some the popular things to see and do during your holiday in beautiful Höganäs.

Oknö – Mönsterås

Looking for a smaller, calm campsite with a more basic standard? Then you are welcome to First Camp Oknö – Mönsterås, which is located in the beautiful archipelago between Mönsterås and Öland, by the water’s edge, surrounded by small coves, forest trails and meadows. The campsite is of a simpler standard, but offers natural surroundings nearby. The campsite pitches where you park your camper or caravan are also beautifully situated with views of the sea. About 50 meters from the destination there is a simple bathing area where you can swim and cool off on warm summer days.

Frigård – Flensborg Fjord

Enjoy the free atmosphere, the beautiful nature, the many activities for young and old – and a cozy holiday as far south as possible – that is, in Denmark. Let the children play, bathe and frolic in the morning and go on a trip to Germany together later in the day. It is a holiday without limits.

Klim Strand – Nordvestkysten

First Camp Klim Strand – Northwest coast is a child-friendly campsite, but where there is something for all generations.