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When you choose to book accommodation at First Camp, you are making a sustainable choice. Several of First Camps destinations are, or are in the process of being awarded the Green Key certification. This is a leading international environmental certification body designed for the tourism industry with more than 2,600 certified facilities in 56 countries across the world.

First Camp complies with Green Key’s stringent environmental requirements without compromising your experience or comfort. During your stay, there is a number of things you can do to contribute to our sustainability effort.

Examples of our environmental efforts:

  • We use eco-labelled cleaning products that are gentle to both you and the environment.
  • We minimize water consumption, for example with restricted flow taps and showers.
  • We buy green electricity from renewable sources. We also work to reduce energy consumption, for example with efficient heating systems and LED lamps.
  • We are actively working to minimize the amount of waste while we sort and recycle in a variety of fractions.

We have annual environmental targets to continuously improve our environmental efforts. You can help us in our environmental efforts by, for example:

  • Sorting plastic, metal, glass and paper packages in our recycling vessels.
  • Help us save water and energy by, for example, taking shorter showers, switching off lights, turning off electronics, and unplugging chargers from electrical sockets.
  • Choosing vegetarian and organic food options.

Reception at the facility will be happy to help you if your have questions or want more information.

Green Key is supported by World Tourism Organization (WTO) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). More information is available at www.greenkey.se

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